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The Scottsboro Boys

No description

samiyah rivera

on 2 October 2014

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Transcript of The Scottsboro Boys

The Scottsboro Boys
Reason #1
The Scottsboro Boys case started March 25, 1931. slavery was abolished approximately 66 years prior to the case and desegregation had not yet been put into act until around 23 years later. That would mean the jury would be made up of only white people... That being said we can already infer that there was racism involved.
Reason #2
On January 5 1932 Ruby Bates sent out a letter confessing to her lie. Even after the letter was received the jury continued to attempt to charge the boys with rape. Any normal person having read that letter would question if the other girl, Victoria Price, was lying as well and then would have freed the men.
Ruby and Victoria
The Scottsboro Boys
All White Jury
Brief Over view
The Scottsboro Boys were victims of wrongful accusation. They were said to have raped 2 young white women by the name of Ruby Bates and Victoria Price. The boys were in and out of court and jail for 58 years when most of them had already passed away. Technically their "imprisonment" lasted 82 years when the governor of Alabama officially pardoned them in 2013
The Scottsboro Boys
"Scottsboro Boys." Timetoast. N.p., n.d. Web. 01 Oct. 2014.

Reason #3
Sometime in November 1932 when the boys stood before the Supreme Court, the Supreme Court was able to reverse all charges on the boys due to the lack of evidence that was required under the 14th amendment. The fact that Alabama was not able to provide enough evidence that would put the boys away should hint towards the fact that they were not concerned for their peoples safety, if the boys had truly raped the girls, but just so the boys paid for a crime they did not commit
Racially Biased?
There has been some debate asking whether or not the case was racially biased. I'm on the side stating that, Yes I believe the case was racially biased.
Reason #4
My fourth and final reason as to why i believe the jury was racially biased is because everyone failed to think all the way back to the beginning. In the article found on History.com, that was written around the time the trials began, the article states that a white male stepped on the hand of one of the boys which then led to the fight that started it all. Word had gotten around about the fight and there was already a posse waiting for them in Paint Rock. The people of Paint Rock were angry and to make the situation worse Victoria and Ruby told the police that they had raped them. Rape is a federal offense in Alabama which makes sense as to why they wanted so badly to put the boys in jail but when Ruby wrote the letter all charges should have been dropped. The anger from the people when the fight broke out added to the fact that the boys couldn't have been put away on any other charges brought me to my conclusion.
I believe the jury was racially biased because of the time of the trials, the the lack of evidence provided and the fact that the evidence was so weak that the boys were able to have their convictions reversed several times
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