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5th Grade - Seeds of Change

Contour Drawing

Michelle Land

on 18 September 2014

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Transcript of 5th Grade - Seeds of Change

5th Grade - Seeds of Change
What is globalization?
Globalization refers to the exhange of goods and ideas around the world. With the beginning of international trade, the world became smaller, it enabled people to cross national boundaries, and led to an increase in the flow of goods and money, the migration of people, the transfer of ideas, culture and technology, and the development of transnational regulations
New Crops, Old World
How do you think the introduction of new crops in the old world contributed to globalization?
Artistic Contribution
How do you think globalization may have influenced artists?
How did artists contribute to globalization?
Otto Brunfels, 1530s
John Gerard, 1590s
Create a contour line drawing of food crops that contribute to the world's food through local and global exchange.
How are these drawing similar or different from contour line drawings?
Wall Paintings from an Ex-convento in Malinalco, Mexico 16th C.
Indigenous Drawings from Mexico
decoration, documentation
Why did the artists choose this subject matter?
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