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Brand Me

Using Social Media to Brand Yourself and Your Newsroom

Aram Zucker-Scharff

on 13 July 2013

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Transcript of Brand Me

Brand Me:
Now, let's workshop
Set a goal - do not just "do it to do it"
Think about about the bigger picture.
The Basics
Personal Branding
You and your media outlet
Using Social Media to Brand Yourself and Your Newsroom.
when it all goes wrong...
The Quill
The Signal
Augusta State Phoenix
The Wood Word
The Signal
Cardinal Courier
The Met Report
Washburn Review
The Picket
The plan
It doesn't just happen.
Who you are.
What you're about.
It's a world.
Pay attention!
RT/Share from account
Tweet/Post on your own and tag
a newsroom policy!
List your position in your bio?
Staff Twitter list?
Facebook Subscribe list?
On Facebook,
every post needs
4 things.
An admin comment
An image
A 60 character (max) title.
A 160 character (max) description.
This area is for you to be a human!
Tweets should have full sentences, good punctuation and complete content.
Good engagement templates:
Call to action - "Read this for more information about the power outage"
Question - "Did you know what caused the power outage?"
Interesting fact and number - "Over 3,000 students couldn't turn on the lights yesterday"
If you have a link use a link shortener
Avoid caps-locked words
Avoid including your site's name
Better to use a lede than a story title
Include useful information
Good content is important!
Share what your readers care about.

Even if it isn't something you wrote.
What's the worst mistake you can make?
Social media is reciprocal.
Lots of people are involved in your outlet.
They should be involved
in your social media as well.
Link updates
Connect your Twitter?

Use your brand
to promote your outlet's content
on all platforms.
Find a
Be an expert.
The .EDU advantage.
Be professional.
Forget about privacy settings.
Curate your own identity.
Add your voice to your organization.
Personal < Professional
Facebook posts
Positive OR negative
Always respond!
Do not delete comments
unless policies are in place...
Who should respond?
Share the love
Link to others
Set the standard!
Consider an Editors' blog
Make life easier
Use tools...
Link shortener accounts
Follow your network
Watch hashtags
Google Alerts
Catch stories
Talk with others.
Comment externally
Be a node
Serve unmet needs
Spin off verticals
Promote others
Ask for feedback
Build multimedia
Schedule to be with your audience
I vs We
What do you want to accomplish?
Set a Social Media Strategy
Not just "your" plan
Do it together.
Who are you reaching?
Who do you
to reach?
Define your voice and style
Be consistent!
Different per platform?
Who will represent you?
Posting schedule
Who will be held accountable?
“A brand is no longer what we tell the consumer it is – it is what consumers tell each other it is.”
- Scott Cook, co-founder Intuit
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