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reverend john hale

No description

Dillon Jackson

on 16 February 2016

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Transcript of reverend john hale

Reverend Hale The Crucible
Called to Salem to investigate Bettys condition, and if there was witch craft.
Supports witch trials, but later denies due to Abigails lies.
John Hale The Crucible
Through his inaccurate judgements he later tries to correct his decisions.
He realizes Abigail is a fraud, so hale so he devotes to trying to oversome the court.
Born on June 3, 1636, in Charlestown, Massachusetts oldest child of Robert hale.
Graduated at Harvard college in 1657
Married Rebecca Byly on December 15, 1664 but died of April 13, 1683
Witnessed the execution of Margeret Jones.
Was present at the examinations and trials of multiple people accused of witchcraft.=
Served in war but later went to Salem witch trials.
later Hale invited to preach at First Parish church and was awarded 200 acres.
According to the book "the salem witch trials" he was one of the first ministers to suggest witchcraft.
Reverened Hale The Crucible
Fair individual who attempts to admit justice.
Goes to Proctors home in order to test for Elizabeth possible witchery.
Hale declares witchcraft without attempting to examine evidence.
reverend john hale
by dillon jackson
katrell conklin
connor calderhead

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