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The Lottery plot graph

No description

Em Kaeley

on 9 July 2015

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Transcript of The Lottery plot graph

By: Emily Castello
"The Lottery" by: Shirley Jackson
Most of the tombstones in the cemetery have the date June 6 on them and the town is getting ready for its yearly lottery that is on June 27th. The lottery starts, as Mr. Summers gets the little black box ready with all the names of the townspeople of the town are in it. The town gathers in the town square, the names are being drawn as people wait nervously and take a piece of paper to wait to see who the "winner" is.
Rising Action
As they finish drawing the slips of paper and the townspeople begin to unfold their papers with sighs of relief and smiles. The "winner" or chosen one is declared as the Hutchinson family. Everyone thinking it was the father Bill they took another drawing between the family and after the second drawing Tessie Hutchinson is declared the "winner" or chosen one.
After the second drawing between the Hutchinson family, the townspeople gather around young Tessie Hutchinson and stone her to death. As her family watches and does not enjoy, Nancy and Bill (Mr & Mrs. Hutchinson) watch their own daughter get stoned to death.
Falling Action
It is a warm summer day in a small town, it was lottery day. Where a winner is chosen to win the town's yearly lottery. Someone from each family is chosen. Children gathered rocks as woman stood with their husbands.
As they threw pebbles and stones at Tessie Hutchinson, mrs. Hutchinson her mother was screaming out in tears "It's not fair, it's not right." The the townspeople slowly came upon her. Then after the townspeople go on living their normal everyday life, and wait nervously and anxiously for next year's lottery. It could be anyone.
Definition of Exposition:
The exposition provides the setting of the story, the characters and some background information
Definition of Rising Action:
The series of events that begin immediately after the exposition.
Definition of Climax:
The Climax is a moment or event where it reaches the maximum intensity or a major turning point in the story.
Definition of Falling Action:
The part of the plot that happens right after the climax has been reached and being resolved.
Definition of Denouement:
Denouement is the final outcome of the story, where every problem has been resolved.
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