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How much are Super Bowl Commercials REALLY Worth?

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Brittany Garner

on 10 October 2013

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Transcript of How much are Super Bowl Commercials REALLY Worth?

How much are Super Bowl Commercials REALLY Worth?
Commercial 1:
Commercial 2:
Commercial 3:
Fed Ex
Did you Know?
The 2013 Super Bowl should bring in at least $ 2.5 x 10^8 (if not more).
Write this value in standard form.
Did you get..... $250,000,000?
That's a lot of money, right?
The average price of a Super Bowl commercial in 2012 was approximately 3.5 million U.S dollars for a
30 second slot. Now in 2013, ads are selling for $3.75 million dollars for 30 seconds of ad time.
Take a look at the worksheet:
"The cost of a Super Bowl XLVII ad"
1. Audi of America (Volkswagen) is going to have one 60-second ad this year. How much will that
ad cost?

Write your answer in scientific notation.
What operation do we need to use to solve this problem?
Did you say multiplication?
We know how much a 30 second ad costs, so can't we multiply this by 2 to find out the cost of 60 seconds?
We know if it was a 30 second commercial it would cost $3.75 million dollars
or $3.75 x 10^6
Let's multiply this by 2 x 10^0
Step One: Multiply our first factors

3.75 x 2 = 7.5 (so our first factor is 7.5)
Step Two: Add our exponents

6 + 0 = 6
And our final cost for a 60-sec Super Bowl commercial?
$7.5 x 10^6
Finish questions 2-10 on your worksheet.
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