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Copy of STI's

Sexually Transmitted Infections

Jeffery Wells

on 26 November 2015

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Transcript of Copy of STI's

sexually transmitted infections
Sexually Transmitted Infections (STI’s) are obtained by the transmission of either a virus or a bacterial pathogen during intimate sexual contact.
infections are caused by different types of bacteria. These STI’s can be cured through the use of antibiotics.
infections are caused by viruses and cannot be cured.
infections involve organisms that live in or on a host.
Pubic lice
about 700,000 people contract
Gonorrhea each year
Gonorrhea can be spread through contact with the penis, vagina, mouth, or anus
Men may experience white, yellow, or green discharge from the penis, painful (burning) urination, or swollen testicles
If left untreated, women risk serious infection and possibly infertility
Both can be
cured with
known as a "silent disease"
because most people have
no symptoms
most men experience no symptoms... some may experience discharge from the penis, itchiness around opening of urethra
women that do not get chylamida treated can develop permanent damage to the reproductive system, including infertility
"the clap"
*human papillomavirus
**most common STI**
at least 50% of sexually active adults get HPV at some point in their lives
HPV may exist in one's body with no symptoms, however it may cause genital warts and/or cervical cancer
Men may develop
genital warts if HPV
does not clear the system
Gardasil or Cervasil
vaccines for HPV
Hepatitis B
80,000 new infections per year
vaccination is
the only way to assure hepatitis does not infect the body
Left untreated, hepatitis
can cause liver cancer (it is
the leading cause of liver
cancer in the U.S.)
*most people who have
herpes do not know
they have it.
causes cold sores or painful blisters
sores could occur in the
mouth, anus, or genital area
Pubic Lice and Scabies
*millions of new cases
per year!
Take away messages:
STI's can cause permanent problems
such as infertility, sterility, or death.

A person may have an STI even
though they do not know it... always have a partner tested before you become sexually active.

Viral STI's can stick with you for life.
How Can you Tell if you have it?

Or, get tested together!!!
Easy to cure in it's early stages. May first appear as a sore (chancre)
Later symptoms include rashes on
hands or feet
syphilis can kill you if not treated!
It affects the brain and spinal cord, often causing mental illness and paralysis. 
It can also affect the heart causing inflammation of the aorta, and the deeper skin causing "gummas" which are rubbery lumps in the skin.
In Canada, some of the highest rates and increases in STI's are in young people ages 15-24.
How can you tell you have it?

You feel tired
You have abdominal pain
Strange colour of urine or stool
Skin is yellow (jaundice)
Decreased appetite

Tiny light brown insects or oval, white eggs on the hair
Scabies - itching at night and rash between fingers, wrist, abdomen, bend of elbow and genitals
A message about CONSENT
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