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Dead Water Zone by Kenneth Oppel

No description

Owen Huizenga

on 14 January 2014

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Transcript of Dead Water Zone by Kenneth Oppel

Dead Water Zone by Kenneth Oppel
My thoughts on the book
Written and Directed by: Owen Huizenga
-Paul gets an invite to visit his brother(Sam) at the docks outside of the city.
-Discovers that Sam is nowhere to be found.
-Paul gets invited to stay at a house on the docks while he searches for Sam.
-Owner of the house offers to show Paul around and help him find Sam.
Armitage- Gives Paul a place to stay while he looks for Sam.(Quote)

Monica- Helps Paul survive by defeating many enemies.(Quote)

Decks- Helps Paul and Monica navigate through Rat Castle.(Quote)
Man vs Self- Paul blames himself for his brother being bullied.(Quote)

Man vs Man- Paul battles against City Web in order to find his brother.(Quote)

Man vs Society- Paul will do anything to find his brother, even if that means breaking the rules.(Quote)
-Exciting at certain parts
-Different than most books I have read

-Most of the time it was a slow, boring read
-Meant for grade 5's
Flashbacks- Paul has flashbacks about Sam.(Quote)

Unexplained mysteries- Mysterious affect water has on people.(Quote)

Nightmares- Paul has nightmares of Sam.(Quote)

There are a lot of themes in the novel Dead Water Zone however, the most visible theme is Survival. Survival is shown all throughout the book while Paul is on the search for his brother and he must face many life threatening opponents.
"Paul dreamed machinery. The oiled push of steel pistons, the rustle of rubber hosing, the low roar of a powerful furnace. He walked into his brothers room. Sam sat on the edge of the bed, curling barbells towards his chest-right arm, left are, one two, impossible. Sam was too weak to be lifting them. 'Im getting stronger,' Sam said. One, two, one, two, effortless. 'But how?' Paul asked. 'Secrets are subatomic,' Sam replied with an enigmatic smile. 'What does that mean?' Paul demanded.. How typical of Sam to say something clever and not explain it. 'What does that mean?' 'Look.' Sam lowered the barbells to the floor and began peeling off his layers of clothing, one sweatshirt, then another, then another-all the time getting skinnier and skinnier. 'You don't have to do this,' Paul said anxiously. 'You dont have to, Sam. Stop!' But Sam kept stripping off his shirts until he came to the very last one. Paul knew what was underneath. 'Don't!' he shouted. 'Sam, please, I'm sorry!' 'Paul,' hes brother said 'watch.' There was a blinding flash of skeletal white, but something else, too, something mettalic. 'No!' Paul shouted. 'No, no, no!' He clamped his eyes shut but the scalding brightness filled his dream vision, white intense as a cameras flash,then slowly faded to the dark colour of deep water.
Dead Water Zone by Kenneth Oppel

Author Kenneth Oppel develops the theme of Survival through Characters, conflicts, and Plot all throughout the novel Dead Water Zone.
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