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Grids are your Friends

Examples of using a grid to design a page layout.

Michelle Blomberg

on 16 April 2010

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Transcript of Grids are your Friends

Sounds constricting...
Applying to InDesign
Graphic Design = Organization of Information
Grid represents structure.
Helps organize content.
Provides consistency.
Choose the right grid.
Make rules.
Break the rules for impact.
Ruler guides.
Page margins.
Column guides.
Baseline grid.
In class exercise
Modular grid
Multiple page document
Helmud Schmid
Facebook, Swiss Graphic Design fan page
Massimo Vignelli
The Vignelli Canon http://www.vignelli.com/home/bookmagazine/canon.html
Massimo Vignelli
The Vignelli Canon http://www.vignelli.com/home/bookmagazine/canon.html
Paul Rand
Ben Faydherbe
Herbert Matter
Ed Fella
are your friends
Matt Willey, Royal Art Academy magazine
Time lapsed video of design process, You Tube
Design is a plan
for arranging elements in such
a way as to best accomplish
a particular purpose.

Charles Eames
Use a modular grid to arrange a text in as many ways as you can. By employing just one size of type and flush left alignment only, you will construct a typographic hierarchy exclusively by means of spatial arrangement. To make the project more complex, begin adding variables such as weight, size, and alignment.
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