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Anatomy of a Campaign

Presentation to NEAT, June 2013

USI Affinity

on 12 June 2013

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Transcript of Anatomy of a Campaign

Anatomy of a Campaign June 11 2013 4 Product Client Sponsorship Package Schedule key items We manage 7 products. We manage 1,540 campaigns per year. We mail more than 2 million term life insurance offers, including 750,000+ offers to new grads, each year. We manage some of them completely in-house. We coordinate others with insurance partners. Major products are: auto & home, short-term major medical, term life insurance, and long term care. So, let's follow the process from start to finish. Data File Request DFR 1,500+ campaigns = 1,500+ DFRs and email communications. We try to improve the process in any way we can. For example, for new grad campaigns, we combined the DFR with the logo and signature approval request. caffeine data postage schedule segmentation printing [Direct Mail] paperwork We verify and gather updated signatures and logos. We reformat and resize for our documents (in-house). We insert them into letters. Receive the Data File We verify number of records, compare against previous files. We verify data elements, headers, layouts, check for gender, birthdates, grad dates, email addresses, overall data integrity. For in-house campaigns: Convert files to our format. For outside campaigns: Securely upload to vendor for processing. Segment records by business rules, state, age, product, client, marketing strategy, etc. The Creative/Marketing department provides the message, but the Production department must make it fit into the letters. We create if/then statements to customize the content for gender, age, and other variables. Compliance Proofing & Quality Control Printing Approvals from carriers Approvals from clients Correct applications Correct rate charts Client/association names Logos and signatures Addresses (mail manager) URLs, phone numbers, QR codes Customizations (first name references, etc.) Letter & application paper forms, ordering & inventory Print quality Keeping jobs organized and unmixed After print quality checks, another check before posting Lettershop Folding: in-house and with partners Inserting: in-house and with partners Relationship with the local partner for folding & insertion Correct envelopes, brochures and buckslips Postage Correct postage In-house machine posting Postage discounts and CASS certification Delivery into the mail stream Some via mail sort, Some via local printer,
(CASS cert files directly to Post Office) Some via our
insurance partners. Thank you! Delivered! Thank you!
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