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Health Promotion Project

Oral Hygiene

Jennifer Nguyen

on 8 October 2012

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Transcript of Health Promotion Project

Oral Hygiene By: Michael Barnes, Jennifer Nguyen, Esmeralda Rivera Linday, Amber Kenney Target audience: 2nd-3rd graders http://denta-vista.com/blog/642/ Why is it important to
have healthy teeth? Brushing Flossing Eat Right Visit the Dentist Have a
bigger and better looking smile The healthier
those teeth are,
the happier you look to give people a big bright smile. They help you
look your best! Chew your favorite foods Strong, healthy teeth help you chew foods to help you grow. Can you imagine chewing on sandwich with no teeth? Or having some carrots but no teeth? Brush your teeth
at least
2 times a day! Once after breakfast
and once before
you to go bed. Take your time, it is not a race. Here’s a TIP:
Listen to your favorite song while you brush to help you keep track of time. All of your teeth are dirty and need to be brushed to get rid of plaque. Spend at least 2 to 3 minutes brushing to make sure your teeth get completely clean. Brush ALL
of your teeth, not just the ones in the front! Be sure to also brush the sides and the back of each tooth. Here's a TIP:
You can brush your tongue too to make your breath smell fresh and clean! Floss at least
1 time a day. Flossing can be hard and will take some time to learn how to do, so don’t be afraid to ask an adult for help if you need it. Eat lots of FRUITS and
and drink lots of water. Try to stay away from
and other
when you want a snack. Ask an adult to help
you pick out
HEALTHY snacks. And last
but not least,

Show off your nice clean teeth for the world to see!!! Visit your dentist
at least 2 times a year
to keep you on
the right track
to healthy teeth. Brushing your
teeth at least
2 times a day
will keep the cavities away. Eat lots of
fruits and veggies
so that your teeth
stay nice
and healthy. Stay away from the
sweets or foods with
lots of sugar so you
don’t give the
sugar bugs a reason
to visit and make
cavities. Objectives:

1. Kids will demonstrate an understanding of the importance of oral hygiene in the prevention of dental caries, by showing how to brush their teeth with an adult by the end of the presentation.

2. Kids will identify healthy snacks choices that promote dental health and prevent obesity by the end of the presentation. Healthy People
2020 Objectives:

1. Increase the variety and contribution of vegetables to the diets of the population ages 2 years and older.

2. Reduce the proportion of children aged 6 to 9 years with dental caries experience in their primary and permanent teeth. What is plaque? Plaque contains bacteria and germs that stick on your teeth (sugar bugs). EW! What do sugar bugs do? These sugar bugs can cause holes in your teeth, which are called CAVITIES! How do you get rid of cavities? The only way to get rid of the cavities is to visit your dentist regularly to treat the spot the sugar bugs are in! What can you do to stop the attack?
How do you fight the enemy and keep your teeth healthy? What keeps teeth
from being healthy? What do you
need to remember? Speak clearly Say,
"Don't forget to
brush and floss." Now, say it again, only this time don't let your tongue touch your teeth.
Pretty tough talk! What makes cavities worse? When you eat a lot of desserts and candies, the sugar bugs mix with MORE bacteria and make the cavities bigger! Cavities are very painful—ouch! Try to stay away from
other SWEETS
when you want a snack. Ask an adult to
help you
pick out
HEALTHY SNACKS. Visit the dentist
at least
2 times a year. Visit the Dentist The DENTIST will help keep your teeth EXTRA CLEAN and will teach you ways to help keep your teeth healthy. References:

Draper, C. (2011). Pediatric Oral Health -- Care
Considerations for Dental Hygiene. Journal Of The California Dental Hygienists' Association, 26(1), 8-13. Retrieved from www.uta.edu/library

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the Life Span, pg. 510

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People, H. (2012). Oral Health.
Retrieved from http://www.healthypeople.gov/2020/topicsobjectives2020/objectiveslist.aspx?topicId=32 Poor nutrition, obesity and the myriad of diseases related to this growing public health issue are impacting the oral health of today's children.

Children oral health facts:
More than half of children ages 5 to 9 have had at least one cavity or filling.
Children with untreated tooth decay are likely to have persistent pain and are unable to eat comfortably. Food for Thought:
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