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The Professional Voice

No description

Treasyri Williams

on 14 April 2014

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Transcript of The Professional Voice

Celebrity Trivia
Definition & Description
History of the Professional Voice
2 Therapeutic Techniques
Demonstration of Deficit
Prognosis: Good or Poor?
What TWO things these celebrities have in common?
The Alexander Technique
Fredrick Matthias Alexander (1865-1955), Shakespearean Actor who suffered from chronic laryngitis onstage
Reduces Tension through proper alignment of the head, neck and torso
Promotes Balance, Support and Coordination through freedom of movement
What is a Professional Voice user?
a) A person who is dependent on his or her voice to function successfully in his or her occupation.
b) Individuals who are devastatingly affected by slight alterations in vocal quality
c) Those who rely directly on their voices for their livelihoods in a public forum
Depends on the
of the voice disorder and the
of the patient
CDS: 606 Voice Disorders
Hampton University
Justin Harvison
Treasyri Williams

April 16, 2014
The Professional Voice
(Stemple, Glaze and Klaben, 2000)
George Paul Moore, PhD
Hons Von Leden, MD
Wilbur J Gould, MD
Manuel Garcia II
3 Visionaries who cultivated the Multidisciplinary approach to treating professional voice users:
Art + Science
1st man to observe a professional singer using a laryngoscope
"Father of Voice Science"
Decrease in pitch
Hoarse, Raspy
Limited sustained phonation & breathy quality
Vocal Fold Nodules
Vocal Fold Polyp & Hemorhage
Acute & Chronic Laryngitis
Vocal Fatigue Drugs & Misuse
Vocal Fatigue & Phonotrauma
Dehydration & Vocal Fatigue
The Lessac System
Arthur Lessac (1910-2011) Actor & Singer Professor who taught until age 101!
Holistic Kinesthetic Training focusing on Speech, Singing & Movement
1. Body Kinesthetics
2. Inner Harmonic Sensing
3. Organic Instructions
4. The "Familiar event" principle
(Stemple, Glaze and Klaben, 2000)
(Stemple, Glaze and Klaben, 2000)
Stemple, J., Leslie, G., & Klaben, B. (2000). Clinical voice pathology: Theory and management. (3 ed.). San Diego: Singular Thomson Learning.
Therapeutic Challenges are a Major Consideration!
Assessment is always collaborative and dynamic in nature!
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