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10: Your Super Future

No description

Skylar Salazar

on 27 March 2018

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Transcript of 10: Your Super Future

Part 2
Rafael has problems in four areas:
Gained 40 lbs in the past year
His girlfriend broke up with him and he misses her
He wants A's and B's but is getting D's
His girlfriend was his only friend and he's lonely now
Part 2 Solution
I think Rafael should start joining more school activities to meet new people, that could also help with the weight gain if he were to join a sport. He could also stay after school to get help for better grades. By joining the groups and/or sports he could ease the pain of losing his girlfriend. He will still miss her but having a support system always helps.
Percent that graduate
84.15% graduated in 2016
93.8% graduated in 2017
Cost Each Year
Resident (Graduate): $5,808
Nonresident (Graduate): $13,224
10: Your Super Future
Part 3
University of Hawaii at Hilo
Part 1
Skylar Salazar
What Interests You About This School?
I'm really interested in astronomy and earth and space science, and this college has both as a major for a bachelors degree and minor degree.
I asked my brother to fill out the chart for me. He spends a lot of time on electronics playing games, watching tv, or just talking to friends. But he does exercise and go to track practice often and he likes to hangout with everyone else in the house
I think my brother can spend less time on the phones and TV, and try to practice more for track so he could get better, he could always improve. He could also study more, he really needs that to get his grades up. He could also tidy up his room more since he spends so much time in there.
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