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A Trip Around the World

No description

Raquel Sapon

on 28 May 2013

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Transcript of A Trip Around the World

A Trip Around The World
By: Raquel Sapon and Valeria Vasquez New York Ciaro, Egypt Panama La Isla De La Juventud,
Cuba Sydney, Australia Sweden India Brazil Houston Texas Transportation: Airplane

We are visiting New York to explore the Empire state building.

Major Religions: Catholic is the major religion in New York, but there are also other religions practiced.

Official Language: The official language is English but there is also other languages spoken.

MDC? NIC? LDC?: New York is known to be a MDC because of its population and economy.

Currency: The basic unit of U.S currency is the dollar, which is subdivided into 100 cents.

Exchange Rate: U.S Dollars

Government System: Democracy Transportation: Airplane

We are going to Sweden to climb the Scandinavian Mountains.

Natural Resources: Copper, iron, gold, silver, and timber.

Major Industries: Iron and steel, precision equipment (radio & telephone parts, armaments) wood pulp and paper products, processed foods, motor vehicles.

Exports: Industrial machinery, paper products, pulp and wood and chemicals, also iron and steel products.
Imports: Machinery, petroleum, motor vehicles, clothing, iron and steel.

Industries, services and labor agriculture: It consists not only of traditional services like financial, educational and medical but also of an increasing service part in production industries.

GDP: $333.2 Billion
GDP Per Capita: $36,800

MDC? NIC? LDC?: Sweden is known to be a MDC.

Government system: Constitutional Monarchy

Religion: The most popular religion is Christian, but there are others such as Buddhism and Muslim. Transportation: Airplane

We are visiting Egypt to explore its ancient pyramids.

Major Religion: The major religion in Egypt is Islam but there is also other religions practiced like there is 10% christian religion.

Official Language: its language most spoken is Arabic.

MDC? NIC? LDC?: Egypt is a NIC

Currency: The currency of Egypt is the Egyptian pound which is divided into 100 piastres.
Exchange Rate: 1 Egyptian Pound =0.14 U.S Dollars. 7 Egyptian Pound =1.00 U.S Dollars

Government System: Republic Transportation: Airplane

We are visiting Cuba to see its beautiful island called La Isla De La Juventud.

Government System: Cuba is a Totalitarian Communist.

Voting/Elections:Elections are every 5 years. Everybody has the right to an individual vote.

Membership of international organizations: UN, ICO, ICC and many more.

Political Issues: Freedom of speech, Embargos and blockade, some people say there is no religious freedom in Cuba.

Notable Leader: Raul Castro Houston La Isla de la Juventud Panama Canal Brazil Ancient Egypt Ganges River, India Great Barrier Reefs, Sydney We are going to Panama to see the panama canal.

Transportation: We are going on boat.
Official Language: The official language is spanish. But in some parts they speak creode french, panamanian creole, epena, english and many more.
Major Religion: Many panama people are Roman Catholic. Though some practice Judaism and Protestantism.
MDC? NIC? LDC? Panama is a NIC.
Currency: In use is the Panamanian Balboa and the United States Dollars.
Exhange Rate in USD: 1 Panamanian Balboa equals 1 USD. We are going to Brazil to see the 2014 World Cup.
Transportation: Airplane
Birth Rate: 15.2 births/1000
Death Rate: 6.5 deaths/1000
Infant Mortality Rate: 20.5 deaths/1000
-Male: 23.9 deaths/1000
-Female: 16.9 deaths/1000
Life Expectancy: 73 years
-Male: 69 years
-Female: 77 years
Literacy Rate: 88.6%
-Male: 88.4%
-Female: 88.8%
Percentage of Urban or Major Cities: 87% of the total population
Health Care: Everyone in Brazil is allowed healthcare. If one can not pay. There is a government run care. Also major diseases to watch out for is Hepatitis and Yellow Fever. We are visiting India to see the Ganges River.

Transportation: We are taking an airplane.
Notable Landforms: The Ganges River, Himalayas Mountains, Thar Desert, and Andaman Island.
Natural Disasters: Earthquakes, tsunami, landslide, cyclones, and flood.
Climate: India has a tropical climate. Having four seasons: Winter, Summer, Monsoon(rainy), and Post-Monsoon season. During the monsoon and post-monsoon season, India receives most of its annual rainfall. Also is when parts of India is flooded.
How do YOU dress to Visit?
For winter ( January and February) wear Jeans and a warm Coat.
For summer ( March to May) wear India's typical wear or shorts and a t-shirt.
For Monsoon season (June to September) and
for Post-Monsoon season (October to December) wear either typical Wear or just normal cloths that can keep you dry. We are traveling to Sydney, Australia to swim in the Great Barrier Reef.

Transportation: First we are leaving in airplane then boat.
Official Language: The official language is English but there are also native languages spoken.
Major Religion(s): Most australians are Christians. But some are Islamic, Hindu, Jewish, and many more.
MDC? NIC? LDC? Australia is More Developed Country but in some areas are less developed.
Currency: Australia uses the Australian Dollar.
Exchange Rate in USD: 1 Australian Dollar is equal to 96 cents in the United States. We star our Journey in Houston.
Waiting at the Bus Station. Scandinavian Mountains, Sweden After a long Journey, we are back in our home town.
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