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Tour of iRocket

Welcome to Rocket! Take a moment to watch this Prezi about iRocket

Stacie Justice

on 29 May 2015

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Transcript of Tour of iRocket

Take a tour of iRocket
Completing your iRocket profile
Adding links to the My Bookmarks section
Thank you for taking the tour!
iRocket homepage
Yammer Time
Visibility on Rocket's strategic initiatives, including RocketLive recordings, notes from the annual leadership summit and key note speeches from our CEO.
so people can get to know you
From the upper right hand side of iRocket select My Profile
Click Edit My Profile
Fill out the About Me section and select Choose Picture to upload a profile photo. Update your profile in the Ask Me About section with your areas of expertise
To complete your profile, fill in the fields with tags you would like to be associated with your profile
Separate content and people searches
Quick links to the most commonly used external sites
Links to the most commonly used internal pages
RocketOn contains interactive and engaging content
See the latest topics of conversation among Rocketeers
Technology-related updates from our CTO on TechTalk
Who am I?

What am I doing here?

This photo auto-syncs with your Outlook profile as well!
Click My Bookmarks on the iRocket landing page
Enter a title and the URL address of the page you would like to bookmark
Click Add Link
Use your left and right arrow keys to move backward and forward through the presentation
What makes a great profile picture?
Pointers for your Rocket picture.

• Location – choose a plain background to reduce distraction

• What you are wearing – does it portray the image you want it to? Keep your selection professional and business minded.

• Close up – a forward facing head shot above the shoulders is recommended

• Allow for enough light – Ensure you can be seen clearly

• Artistic or not – this picture is for business/professional purposes (social pictures should be reserved for Facebook)

But, no.
Welcome to iRocket!
Learn more about our intranet site and how you can fully maximize this internal resource!
Use your left and right arrow keys to move forward and backward through the presentation
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