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Maria Eler

on 18 March 2014

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Transcript of HousingAnywhere.com

What does HousingAnywhere sell?
We sell access to a student-to-student verified housing platform focused on mid length stays where incoming students can rent rooms and outgoing students from a partner university can sublet their rooms. Our customer is the partner universty that pays a yearly fee to be present on our platform.
HousingAnywhere.com - U.S.A.
To save students and schools money and time on finding short-term housing.
HousingAnywhere.com strategy is a mix of analytical research and person-to-person sales. A Country manager oversees sale agent students in order to understand trends from a macro-level, while marketers make sure the product is being utilized.
Core Competences
• Ability to grant permission only to students from specific universities to rent their rooms
• Person-to person sales model from an international basis
• Use of Google maps
• First in market
• Direct Focus on mid-length stays
• Students feel like they won’t get ripped off by other students

Business Definition
HousingAnywhere business is to attract and mantain Partners inside the platform and create a worldwide web of available short-term rooms. Essentially the business allows for outgoing students to rent out their rooms to incoming students on a short-term basis, quickly and easily.
The USA is politically stable. Highest education price in the world for which the there is an average cost of 29,056 at private 4-year college. Increased by 4% this year.
• Hurt economy and political labor laws have increased the use of internships to do labor, although some of the legality of internships is concerning.
• More and more students are attending summer school. Classes are cheaper; do not want to pay for extra year of classes.
• Increased focus on internationalization has increased study abroad rate in US, as well as total amount of international students in U.S. Most international students study in U.S “long term”. Most U.S students study in short term visits to London, Paris, or Spain.
Picking up: Short term employment popular through ObamaCare. Students greatly in debt. Schools should help save some money.
Increased focus on diversity/internationalism. U.S Participation in Study abroad has tripled in the last 2 decades-now resting at 273,000 per year. Over 50% to Europe. International students are staying in the U.S for 4-year stays, but some countries like Saudi Arabia are sending more English speakers over for short-term programs. China sends mostly for long term.
Huge increase in online classes and degrees. 6 million took at least 1 college course in 2010. This number was an increased of 10% since 2009. This is could be perceived as a threat. Also, bigger use of social media, YouTube, IPads and laptops in the classroom.
Major Stakeholders
Universities are the ones who pay for this platform.
They want
• Less chaos with housing
• Better national/international brand name
• Large Supply of Housing

Incoming international students
are higher in number than local
students going abroad. Mainly
incoming students stay for a
longer time frame than the
outgoing students.There is a disproportional demand between incoming and outgoing abroad
Landlords/Host families
Landlords/host families can work directly through the University/Housing Anywhere. Their main interests usually derive from an excess supply of demand for Housing. The platform catalyzes this demand.
Pro: Free to use to post and reply (depends on state). Band has a big name, many users, provides specific city based groups. There is a wide variety of categories from cars to houses.

Con: Everyone is able to post an ad without giving specific information. Open portal for scammers and offenders.
Pro: Strong presence in all states. Minimum stay varies from 3 months to a year.

Con: Not student focused, expensive rooms. Only U.S focused. Requests fee when you "book" a room.
Main competitor.

Pro: Google maps support, focused on every kind of student.

Con: It is new, very poor website, not popular yet, needs payment to post and to reply to rooms. Hard time trying to market
1. Housing Anywhere has potential as a student oriented platform
2. Its main competition should come from Craigslist or Sublet.com
3. Most other services have background reports for safety. This may be an issue in the U.S
4. HousingAnywhere still has not gained momentum in the United States, so it is essential to get its name across
5. Our personalized student sales are unique.

• Brand name as a student platform, run and marketed by students
• Student’s nor subleasers have to pay to list their rooms
• Strong person-person sales strategy
• Fosters cultural immersion
• Gives universities a sense that they helped out their students
• Google Maps Interface
• East to use- visible areas
• Focuses on short-mid term stays

• Markets solely to incoming study abroad students and does not fundamentally address the major demands exhibited in the U.S
o Interns, Summer School, etc.
• Housing Anywhere charges very high prices to the universities
o This is necessary to pay for high marketing costs to stay even
o U.S Universities are inefficient with funds
o U.S Universities are very beaurocratic and take a long time

Big potential of expansion in the Usa but needs to focus on inside movements and not internationals
Opportunities come from universities with high percentage of students living off campus
University sponsored own housing platforms that are free for them and for the students
University promoting very specific projects for movement
Slow marketing UNC and OHS might hurt brand name
The Market
For Universities, we focus on saving them time, hassle, and costs. We provide them with a platform that gives them an international and innovative brand name. In short, universities need time saving mechanisms, which help their students and show their brand as international.

For Students, we provide them with a way to make money. We also provide them with an easy to use platform, which gives better safer, and a more “social” college experience. In short, students want to save money while abroad, want to choose where they want to live, don’t want to be ripped off, and definitely do not want to pay.

Critical Success Factors
1) Identifying correlational factors, which make one school more likely to join, verses another. This is especially true in the new U.S market
2) Developing a new system of recruiting and maintaining agents
3) Increasing the marketing of previous platforms. This must be improved if other schools are going to be positive about the platform.
4) Branding and extrapolating information on how to inject “interns” into our marketing scheme
5) Making sure sales agent has strong relationships prior to meeting

Perfect Profile
Wisconsin Madison

Student population: 42441
Percent off-campus: 76%
International Scholars: 1637. # 16
% Change: Number of students studying abroad by state=1%
Study Abroad students: 2159

The U.S market has a lot of potential unto which to expand. HousingAnywhere sells a product that its customers need.
Economic and political factors also reveal the potential of the market as a slow economy increases the need for interns vs. full time hires, and the increasing cost of college and decreasing job market encourages 1 year stays in grad school or doing courses in summer school.
The bigger competitor names focus on different areas, while the smaller names still do not have as strong a base as we do to be considered large threats. Subletter.com or Craigslist are the main competitors. Our free service to students, student-oriented platform, and strong sales and marketing campaign are main advantages of our company.
There is need of a reformulation of Brand towards interns, a focus of understanding sales agent retention, vital research on what influences a University to develop a more specific sales targets, and a focus on receiving payment rather than offering free services.
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