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Things I know about SEO

Most important things learned about SEO in the last 10 years

Richard Eastes

on 14 April 2013

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Transcript of Things I know about SEO

WTF! Things I know about SEO PPC VS SEO Key Points SEO is underused
Network for links
Update often
Think how Google thinks
Hire good advise Where search traffic comes from PPC SEO BUDGETS SEO Audits Links Case Study Content Updates Example Results Research OLD WAY
lots of footer links on any site

Within content on a page of similar
topic that is ranking on Google. OLD WAY
"car rental" anchor text everywhere

car rental
compare car rental prices here
click here OLD WAY
Paid Indian gentlemen to send
emails requesting link swap
(keep in mind, many Indian nationals really know what they're doing. Here's some that work at Google http://t.co/gP5b3kwN")

Short email, worded for partnership.
Phone calls
Networking events
Article Swaps (best kind of link) OLD WAY
Dump a truck load of
new links all at once on link
pages and directories.

Steady flow of new links over time
Think how Google thinks I buy external audits to learn from them and to catch things I miss. Advance Web Ranking.com Help http://google.com/trends
http://advancedwebranking.com OLD WAY NEW WAY We Compare Car Rental ORGANIC PPC
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