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English 402 Final

No description

Angela Davis

on 29 April 2010

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Transcript of English 402 Final

How does Betty White and Sandra Bullock"Ackowledge Thier World?" Happy Earth Day from 4ORGANIC Does the chicken need to be organic? How would the World be different if the "Green Police" were in charge? Do you think someone could learn something from the
storyline of of Avatar? What is 4ORGANIC.ORG?
We are a non-profit interactive
online community that discusses
all things organic. Making 4organic.org into a Non-Profit Step 1: Initial Idea and Implementation Step 2: Research for your state Step 3: Write Purpose and Mission Statement Step 4: File the Articles of Incorporation Step 5: Acquire a Master Business License Step 6: Get a Bank Account and PO Box Step 7: Draft Bylaws and Recruit Board Members Step 8: Have First Board Meeting Step 9: Get Tax Exempt Status from the IRS Step 10: Fundraising Re-vamping the Website Lots of content
Write articles
Put in appropriate images
Get people to interact
Install plugins! Fulfill our Goals
Be an open community based on respect of differnt opinions
Get people to Join
Get people to interact with eachother and the content
Bookmark our Website
Get Universities to Join
Enable already existing organic communities in an online space Implement branding strategy
Use color scheme
Be consistant with 4ORGANIC
Present ourselves as a non-profit, online interactive organic community Tshirts Shirt Shack
120 shirts
2 color front/1 color side & back
Promotional Tool Used for Giveaways Brand 4ORAGANIC Raise Awareness Our 4ORGANIC Event Custom iPod Giveaway Salad Sponsership Getting Started Progress Rebrand the whole Website Finished! "4organic.org is an online community that fosters open discussion about all things organic. It will operate as a non-profit corporation empowered to do all things lawful for a non-profit to do." Expedited Status = 2 Weeks
Non-Expedited = Too Long
Get Certificate of Incorporation Step 11: Be a Business Whether it be all about organics or... Saving the baby harp seals
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