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Boats & Ships

No description

Antonio Quach

on 17 July 2013

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Transcript of Boats & Ships

People always say how animal cruelty is so cruel, but once boats were built, it was limited. Back in the days, when boats and ships weren`t invented, everyone made animals do all the work carrying TV`s, computers and much more. All the roads were all dirt tracks, so they tried to transport goods by water, but there was nothing safe enough to do so. Camels, donkey`s and horses were the main animals that would carry things around. They would always be hungry because no one would give them food. Nowadays, boats make things much easier.
That`s not all, ships and boats also carry people for a number of occasions. There can be a wedding, a birthday, or even just for fun. Some people always forget to enjoy themselves once in a while. Don`t forget ships and boats are the best and most efficient way to transport things. There also a very smooth ride, so anything you buy or order from a different country, nothing would be wrecked.
The smooth ride of the boat made it so hard to get off. Disappointed and exhausted as I was, I knew I would need to get off this boat eventually. There was no way we could have got here without boats as all the cars and planes were down. The consequences are very critical if we didn`t have boats. Boats do a million things for humans that we can not live without. They carry across energy, food and goods that are all important.
Good Use of Boats
If you want poor countries to live better, then boats are the way to go. Country`s like Vietnam and China only transport things by boats, because it saves heaps of money on fuel. Helicopters burn a lot of fuel. 90% of goods also travel by boats for the same reason. Large ships and submarines use nuclear energy, which is very sufficient. Not only for poor country`s but for other places too, boats are the best way to transport things.
When Ships weren`t Invented.
Ships Bring Goods Over.
Could you imagine the world without goods that comes quickly? Ships deliver goods that are some of the most important things in our whole entire world. Gas and fuel for cars are very important and it`s mostly carried by boats. Gas isn`t all, ships also carry furniture, food clothes and much more. Energy also plays a factor on the world and again, boats is the main transport facility that carry`s energy around the whole entire Earth.
Passenger Ship
Boats & Ships
Cargo Ship
Speed Boat
Fishing Boat
*Encarta Kids
*Google Images
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