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For profit or non-profit, for whom is social localization best suited?

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Jeff Beatty

on 2 November 2016

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Transcript of For profit or non-profit, for whom is social localization best suited?

For profit or non-profit, for whom is social localization best suited?
CS6251 - Principle Issues in L10n
Jeff Beatty

"Crowdsourcing is channeling the experts' desire to solve a problem and then freely sharing the answer with everyone." - Hank van Ess
Term "crowdsourcing" coined by Jeff Howe of "Wired" magazine.
Francis Galton and the combined wisdom of crowds.
Amateurs move science and culture forward.
Rise of the middle class results in decline in amateurism.
Over-education of middle class results in more people unable to find work within their specialization.
Richard Stallman and open source movement.
Web 2.0 and social media create framework for online communities. PCTP model begins to replace "Taylorism" TEP model for translation.
My photos
My connections
My interests
The L10n Community
Radically democratic.
Unpaid and thus free to choose my own projects.
Collaborative by nature.
Very self-motivated.
Not afraid to share my opinion :-)
I speak a ton of languages!
Jack of all trades, master of none.
Man, Twitter's translation platform is awesome!
Open source is really where it's at. Go Firefox! Totally gonna rock my Mozilla Mexico swag tonight :D
When will Microsoft release Office in Tamil? Think I'll do something about it tonight.
#1 Arabic translator on TED leaderboard. w00t w00t!
Cheap translation!
ROI -tastic!
Less work for us!
Faster development!
More l10n coverage!
Everybody else is doing it!
Bilinguals are everywhere!
- Greater global coverage.

- Spreading the cause.

- Philosophy.

- Adding to volunteer base.

- Increased dedication among stakeholders.
- Higher ROI on l10n.

- Quicker time-to market.

- More invested users.

- Marketing.

- L10n for uncommon
- Who is your community? Why would they participate?
- What are your goals? How will a community accomplish these goals?
- How will you allocate time and resources to your community?
- How will your community be incentivized?
-How does your organization feel about transparency?
Best practices
Balancing for success
The crowd's motives
- Higher ROI

- More languages, more

- Deeper investment from
users, customers, patrons
- Sense of ownership
- Fanboys
- Brand loyalty
- Market entry
- Recognition
- Professional opportunity
- Altruism
- Pay it forward
- Philosophical integrity
- Recognition
- Dedication to a cause
- Sharing expertise
- Personal growth
- Content prioritization

- Tools & process

- Budget

- Caring for the crowd

- Perception
- Transparency

- Formalize community

- Recruitment strategy

- Recognition program

- Community managers (mentoring)
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