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Will Wright

Will Wright is the creator of the Sims and Spore, two really good games. Time to learn more about him.

Jacob Schilling

on 27 May 2010

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Transcript of Will Wright

WILL WRIGHT Will Wright was born January 20, 1960 in Atlanta, Georgia. He is an American video game designer and co-founder of the company Maxis, now part of Electronis Arts (EA). The first game he created was "Raid on Bungling Bay" in 1984, but he is most well-known for creating SimCity. After graduating from Episcopal High, he went to Louisiana State Unversity.Two years later, he went to Louisiana Tech. He exelled in architecture, economics, mechanical engineering, and military history, but was held back by dreams of space colonization and a love of robotics. EDUCATION In 1980, he transferred to the New School in Manhattan. He lived in an apartment over Balducci's, in Greenwich Village. In an interview published in Feb. 2003, Will said that making games was the way to go because games absorbed so much of his time. His first game, as mentioned, was the action game, "Raid on Bungling Bay", in 1984, for the Commodore 4. He then created a game that would eventually evolve into SimCity. He had trouble finding a publisher, however. GAME DESIGNER In 1986, Will met Jeff Braun, an investor interested in the computer game industry. Together they formed the company Maxis the next year in Orinda, California. SimCity (1989) was a huge hit. It was credited as one of the most influental games ever. Later, Will created SimEarth and SimAnt. He co-designed SimCity 2000 (1993) with Fred Haslam. HIs next Sim game was SimCopter in 1996. In February 2000 he created The Sims, which later turned out to be his greatest success yet. He also created a massively multiplayer version of The Sims called The Sims Online, but it wasn't as popular as the original. Finally, on March 11, 2005 (17 days before my 9th birthday), Will created (in my opinion) his greatest game yet: SPORE. . . Wright will appear as a character in the game Mr. T, where he will help fight the Nazis. SOME MAXIS GAMES DESIGNED BY WILL WRIGHT Raid on Bungling Bay SimCity Sim City 2000 SimCity 3000 SimFarm Sim Earth SimLife Sim Copter Sim Ant The Sims The Sims Online Spore THE END (for now) JACOB SCHILLING 8V This info was taken from Wikipedia.com.
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