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Prezi + Aurasma: Add depth and engagement to your presentations with augmented reality!

Download Aurasma, then check out how to add depth and engagement to your Prezis using augmented reality. Offer: Download the first 3 chapters of my upcoming Social Marketing book for free: http://bit.ly/HS_3freechapters

Matt Hollowell

on 1 November 2013

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Transcript of Prezi + Aurasma: Add depth and engagement to your presentations with augmented reality!

1. Download the free Aurasma app
Now, launch Aurasma on
your mobile device and point
your device's camera at
the following images:
Full disclosure, I have no business connection to Prezi or Aurasma. I just like to play with technology.
Also, the first three Auras in this Prezi are not creations of mine, but they are "Super Auras",
which are publicly available . #CarryOn
2. Subscribe to the Hello Social
Aurasma channel
To experience this Prezi, please:
this one is long; if you get stuck, simply close Aurasma on your mobile device and re-open to view the following Auras.
Pretty nifty, eh?
But how can such Auras benefit you?
Think about:
Making your contact information memorable.
How about revealing inner-circle information?
How about making it sticky? (This time, click on the screen of your mobile device while viewing the Aura.)
(if it's not working, make sure you've subscribed to the Hello Social channel. Head back a few steps to subscribe, then enjoy the rest of this Prezi.)
It can be used in the classroom:
Or to pass a URL to your viewers' mobile device:
scan with your
click from your mobile device
mobile device, or
Whether you're
an educator,
a marketer, or
just a tech geek,
how will you use Aurasma within
your Prezi?
For more Prezis, including learning how to use
with Prezi, check my Page out here:
Prezi content and design by: Matt Hollowell; owner, Hello Social, LLC.
Contact: matt@hellosocialmarketing.com; 615-686-1477.
Follow Up & Connect:
I'm in the middle of writing a book; to download the first 3 chapters for free, click here:

want more?---------->
If you are a teacher interested in using Aurasma in your classroom, vew my "Aurasma For The Classroom" Prezi over here: http://bit.ly/ARfortheClassroom
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