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Ethics AO

No description

Bart Wernaart

on 30 September 2014

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Transcript of Ethics AO

Individual influences
Situational influences
Issue related
Context related
Mr. Dr. B.F.W. Wernaart
Vol 4.

Ethical decision making
Ethics AO
Recognize moral issue
make moral judgement
establish moral intent
engage in moral behaviour
Individual factors
Situational factors
Nurture vs nature
Age and gender
National and Cultural features (Hofstede model)
Education and employment
Psychological factors
Personal values (deontology)
Personal integrity (virtue based)
Moral imagination (ethic variety)
Power distance
Uncertainty avoidance
Long term/short term
Moral intensity
Moral framing
Influence, causality, impact
System of reward
Work roles
Organizational norm and culture
National and cultural context
interim professional or jobless person?
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