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Saudi Devops 2013 afternoon Intro

Introduction to the devops afternoon just after HPC Saudi 2013 usergroup, with use cases from CFEngine and Opscode Chef. later on Puppet Labs, and Ansibleworks presnted. The theme was automation of large Linux infrastructure, CI/CD.

Walid Shaari

on 22 December 2013

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Transcript of Saudi Devops 2013 afternoon Intro

C: Collaboration Continuous Culture
Business Drives

Cycle computing
Devops is the culture, mindset, and tools that enables effective two way collaboration between development and operations to align with business needs
Walid Shaari
Expec Network Operations Department
Saudi Aramco December 2013

Growth NxM
Increasing Infrastructure size
number of managed nodes
number of applications, and services run
Security and compliance
Enforcing security policy
Compliance visibility
Secure services
Ensure consistent up to date configuration and services.
More systems, networks and services Growth with less or same skilled resources

Thank you
Document and fix known issues
Work toward solving new problems
Guarantee performance and functional consistency

Failure management
JP Morgan
Robust infrastructure meeting business applications and services requirements to address business goals

A: Automation Agile
M: Monitoring Metrics
E : Effective Enhancement Energy
L : Lean
S : Security
Large Scale Infrastructure

"The Seven Habits Of Highly Effective DevOps"
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