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Introduction to video conferencing & instant messaging

Jon Alcindor

on 4 May 2010

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Transcript of Skype

Using Skype to Stay Connected What is Skype? A video and instant messaging app It's free The best part is... How to get skype skype.com Click on download Create a skype account After signing up & into skype
you should be taken to this screen All contacts will be displayed
in this home screen Adding contacts Instant messaging What can you use Skype for? College students
Traveling spouses
Family (Grandparents, aunts, uncles, ect.)
Open Skype Video Chat Instant message Can be used with anyone
anywhere Windows System Requirements Mac System Requirements After clicking download you should be taken to this page
Download should automatically start Download Page Other Features SkypeOut
Skype Voicemail
Skype Find
Skype Hardware
Skype App Limitations Internet Bandwidth
Cannot make 911 calls
Computer must be on

SKypeOut 2 options: Pay As You Go About 2¢/min Monthly Plan $2.95 Unlimited US & Canada
$12.95 Unlimited World Recap Skype.com Open Skpye and create an account Go to the download page Add contacts Begin a video chat and/or instant messaging Stay in contact with:
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