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Fashion By Anika Meeusen

No description

Rachel Simpson

on 8 April 2013

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Transcript of Fashion By Anika Meeusen

D H is For High Heels I is For Indigo Fashion
By Anika Meeusen
Gert Boyle founded Columbia in 1938 Portland, Oregon. Columbia is the American Top Seller Ski Apparel. Columbia uses waterproof and breathable fabric. On June 15, 2008, Columbia got a 3-year sponsorship with the name of “Team Columbia” C is For Columbia

When school starts to get closer a lot of people are excited for one thing. Back to school outfit shopping! Here are some tips for your back to school outfit. For girls Cardigans are very in. Wear it over a solid color shirt or over a graphic T-shirt.Western shirts are also very in for the girls. Where it with some demin jeans or with a solid color skirt! For the boys Converse sneakers are very in everywhere around the world, and just like the girls, Western shirts are also very in. Roll up the sleeves and put on a regular pair of jeans! A is For
Abercrombie and Fitch is a store with that vintage look to it. The casual wear is recommended for kids ages 18-22. Abercrombie and Fitch was made in 1822 in Manhattan, NYC, By David T. Abercrombie and Ezra H. Fitch. Abercrombie and Fitch have had some pretty famous models, such as Taylor Swift. She was an Abercrombie and Fitch model before she was really famous. Some of Abercrombie and Fitches competitors are Aeropastel and American Eagle Outfitters. D is For Diane Von Furstenburg D is For Diane

von Fur stburg U is For Under
Amour Under Armour was founded in 1996, By Kevin Plank. One day Kevin Plank was running and he hated how his shirt got soaked with sweat but he also noticed that his shorts weren’t getting wet at all. So he decided to make a shirt is Synthetic fabric just like his shorts were. Under Armour recently made a new kind if shirt with a new type of fabric called microfibers. Under Armours first major sale was in 1999 when the Warner Bros wanted to use the clothing for two movies. Any Given Sunday and The Replacements. :) :) smile smile
:( :( dont frown dont frown
:) :) smile smile :) :) Hello. this is
katie showers blah blah blah. blahba de blah blah. B is For Back To School
Outfits E is For Express F is For Fall Trends When fall comes, the weather starts to get pretty cold. Even though its time to bundle up, you still want to have your fashion on. Here are some things that you could wear and still look trendy. Baggy soft fabric sweaters are so warm and cozy to be in during the fall. The colors should be a dull pink or a color that’s not too bright. Wear it with some black tights and UGG boots. Now, black tights aren’t the only pants that are in season for fall. Patterned jeans are so in. You could also wear the pants with the sweater. You don’t have to wear a big baggy sweater if you don’t want to, you could wear an oversized shirt. If you’re older and have nothing to carry your wallet or phone in, try a leather purse! It’s important to keep your neck warm too, but wearing a regular scarf doesn’t always go with your outfit. A circle scarf will accessorize your fall clothing. So, try out some of these trends and you’re sure to get a lot of compliments. Express was founded in 1980. Their first store was actually only a women’s clothing store. That went on for a while then they made a men’s clothing store also which was beginning to grow quickly. Express was doing so well. Like in 2001 people were going crazy for Express. When you walked by the store you see people consently going in and out of Express. In 2007 limited brands announced to sell %67 of Expresses stake.By 2010 Express sold 6 million shares for $17 each, raising $272million. Hi V is For Louie Vuitton Louie Vuitton was born August 4, 1821. When Louis was 4 his mother passed away. 3 years later his father got remarried to a lady who was strict and very rude. When Louis was 13 he wanted to run away to Paris. So he did. He walked 292 miles to get to Paris stopping at small places to work for a little bit so he could get money to rest in little Motels. Louis arrived to Paris at age 16. He looked for different jobs to do and was hired to wrap “The Most Beautiful Clothes.” A few years later Louis got married to Clemence-Emilie Parriaux. Louis spent the rest of his life wrapping and making beautiful boxes. Louis also made some of his own. Louis also ended up wrapping and making boxes for Isma’il Pasha. Louis Vuitton died February 27, 1892. C Diane Von Furstenberg was born December 31, 1946. She grew up in Brussels, Belgium. Diane is famous for making her wrap dress. In 1992 she sold 1.2 million dollars of Silk Assets. Her store name is DvF and is worldwide. G is For Gucci Gucci was made in 1921, London. Guccio Gucci invented Gucci. He made Italian fashion. Gucci is now the top selling Italian brand. Wondering where Guccio got his insperation? Well actually he traveled to Paris and London. He was inspired by the art and the designs in the hotels and shops. He opened his first shop in Florence, 1923. Men were actually the first people to wear high heels. They wore them because it helped when they rode horses. Later women started to make them higher and design them. High heels were first invented in Turkey. Cowboy boots are actually considered high heels. Later came platform shoes. Now there is a difference between high heels and platform shoes. On high heels the heel is higher then the toe. On platform shoes both toe and heel are the same hight. Now a days high heels can get up to 8 inches. Crazy! Indigo is a deep shade of blue. Its a combonation of violet, blue, and turqoise. Indigo mean "Blue dye" Indigo is actually part of the rainbow. Its the 6th color. Red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, purple. Indigo is also the greek word for "dye Michael Kors is a fashion designer and was born in Long Island, New York. He is best known
for designing classic American sportswear for women.
Michael is passionate about fashion since he was very young and start designing clothes and
selling them out of his parents’ basement since he was a teen. Michael’s designs were sold
in several high-end department stores including Bloomingdales, Bergdorf Goodman, Lord &
Taylor, Neiman Marcus, and Saks Fifth Avenue. His most famous design was “Woman Read-to-
Wear” also known as “Project Runway”. His designs have been popular among celebrities. First
lady Michelle Obama wore his black sleeveless dress in her first term official portrait as First
Lady. M is For Micheal Kors O is For Old Navy Old Navy, Inc. is a subsidiary of The Gap, Inc. and has a chain of approximately 850 clothing stores, marketing itself as a low-priced provider of apparel to women, men, children, and infants. The chain operates throughout the United States and in Canada, home to more than 30 stores. Old Navy used the lower-priced concept deserved its own identity and a format designed specifically for catering to the new demographic and opened the first store in 1994 at Colma, California. In 2001, Old Navy opened the first overseas store in Canada. The low price strategy as made Old Navy a very important subsidiary to the parent company, The Gap, Inc. Q is For Quiz Quiz was founded in 1995 and opened 3 stores in Scotland. Their clothing became very popular
and more stores have since been opened year on year and now grown to 115 stores across the
UK. With 51 franchises in Europe and Asia the Quiz brand has also grown worldwide. Quiz focuses on delivering catwalk style looks and all the latest trends at value for money
prices. Their target audience is the fashion conscious women's wear market. Their buying and
design team develop their own styles and bring the latest fashions from the catwalks quickly to
the shop floor. R is For Roxy Roxy was founded in 1990 and is the fashion apparel brand and their logo is heart-shaped.
Roxy has grown to be a large high-end apparel company for young women. In addition to
apparel, the brand also sells accessories, home items, hard goods, wetsuits, footwear, books,
perfumes and several other product categories. The Roxy brand also supports women in sports,
particularly in the surf and snow category. T is For Tommy Hilfiger
He started at age 18 Thomas Jacob Hilfiger is an American fashion designer and founder of the lifestyle brand
Tommy Hilfiger Corporation. He was born in Elmira, New York.He started to work in retail at the age of 18 and later opened his own store, named The People's
Place in Elmira, New York. He later moved to New York City and founded the Tommy Hilfiger
Corporation in 1984.
His design was very popular among celebrities and youth, and he was named Menswear
Designer of the Year by the Council of Fashion Designers of America in 1995. Hilfiger sold his
company in 2006 and was announced as a fashion consultant to American Idol in March 2012. X is For XCetera Xceterais one of brands names registered by Chictopia, which wqs founded in 2008 by Helen Zhu and Corinne Chan, both Berheley grads with engineering degrees. Xcetera boutiques mainly sell accessories to make for a fashionable ensemble, such as sunglasses, colorful hairclips, silky hair bandsm hats for all seasons, and ofcorse make-up. Clients can also find all kinds of funky jewlary. to create an oringinal style without spending a lot of money, fashion accessories are a wat to updste your old clothes. Xcetera boutiques specialize in these little funky touches that girls love so much. You will find studded bets and knit mittens, original school bags and ultra feminine handbags, without fogetting the t-shirts. And A Special Thanks To

For Making This Possible! Z is For Zara Amancio Ortega opened the first Zara store in 1974 in a central street in downtown A Coruña, Galicia,
Spain. The first store featured low-priced lookalike products of popular, higher-end clothing fashions.
The store proved to be a success, and Ortega began opening more Zara stores throughout Spain.
This international expansion was increased in the 1990s and has reached its current presence in over
73 countries.

As of 2007, Zara stores have men's clothing and women's clothing, each of these subdivided in Lower
Garment, Upper Garment, Shoes, Cosmetics and Complements, as well as children's clothing. K is For Khakis

Khaki is a color also know as the color Tan. The word khaki mean "solid color." Sometimes khaki can be show as a green color. Khaki was used for military uniforms. After the second Boar War the British forces became know as Khaki because of their uniforms. In india khaki is still in style. Indian police wear khaki and khaki is also use for regular clothing. J is for J.Crew
J.Crew was founded in 1947 by Mitchelle Cinder and Soul Charles. Today J.crew has over 6,800 employes. J.Crew uses specialzed colors such as Aqua, Lemon, Colbat. The colors they use a brightend by proffectional designers. J.Crew started as an only womens store but then that led on to men, then kids. When J.crew started they had almost failed and were close to closing the store. They waited and then eventually people started coming in and buying their clothes. The firs J.crew store was opened on South Street Seaport, Manhatten. A year later since J.Crew was so sucsesful they planned on opening 45 new stores around the world. New catalogs came out. "Classics" and "Collections" From there on J.Crew started making swim suits, Shirts, Pants, and shoes. I is For Indigo
Indigo is a deep shade of blue. Its a combonation of violet, blue, and turqoise. Indigo mean "Blue dye" Indigo is actually part of the rainbow. Its the 6th color. Red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, purple. Indigo is also the greek word for "dye" G is for Gucci
Gucci was made in 1921, London. Guccio Gucci invented Gucci. He made Italian fashion. Gucci is now the top selling Italian brand. Wondering where Guccio got his insperation? Well actually he traveled to Paris and London. He was inspired by the art and the designs in the hotels and shops. He opened his first shop in Florence, 1923. S is For Sephora
Every girls favorite store. Sephora! Sephora was founded in 1970 by Dominique Mandonnuad. Sephora has everything a girl NEEDS to have. Make-up, skincare, haircare, and fregrances. Sephora was named after the name "Sephos" which is Greek for "beauty." Sephora was made in Paris. It has all types of brands from its own make-up to MAC make-up! Y Is For YSL
Yves Saint Laurens is a french fashion designer. He was born August 1 1936, Oran, Algeria. Yves is known for being one of the greatest fashion designer in fashion history. He has had three documentaries qritten about him. Yves was also the man who invented the tuxido for women. Yves Saint Laurent clothing glamourized for women some items taken from the male wardrobe, such as the blazer, the tuxedo, the pant suit, the leather jacket. L Is For Leather Jacket
A leather jacket is a type of clothing usually worn on top of other apparel, and made from the tanned hide of various animals. specific styles have been associated with the subculture called greasers, motorcyclists, military aviators, police, and music subcultures who have worn the garment for protective or fashionable reasons, and occasionally to create a potentially intimidating appearance. Most modern leather jackets are produced in Italy, Pakistan, India, Canada, Mexico and the United States, using hides left over from the meat industry. N is For Nike
Nike, Inc. is an American multinational corporation that is engaged in the design, development and worldwide marketing and selling of footwear, apparel, equipment, accessories and services. Founded in 1978. The company takes its name from Nike, the Greek goddess of victory. In addition to manufacturing sportswear and equipment, the company operates retail stores under the Niketown name. Nike sponsors many high-profile athletes and sports teams around the world, with the highly recognized trademarks of "Just Do It" and the Swoosh logo. P is For Pajamas
Pajamas in US english, spelt pyjamas in British English, often shortened to PJs or jammies, can refer to several related types of clothing. The original pāijāma are loose, lightweight trousers fitted with drawstring waistbands and worn in South and West Asia by both Male and Female. More generally, pajamas may refer to several garments, for both daywear and nightwear, derived from traditional pajamas and involving variations of style and material. W is For Wind Breaker A windbreaker is a thin outer coat designed to resist wind chill and light rain, a lighter version of a jacket. It is usually of light construction, and these days characteristically made of some type of synthetic material. They often incorporate elastic waistbands or armbands and zipper to allow it to be accommodated to the current weather conditions. It sometimes includes a hood. This Store started for older kids, but now its for everyone Converse Sneakers are so in. They use water proof clothing This Lady made over 1.2 million dollors People constantly going in and out Bundle up because fall is coming This is real italian fashion 8 inches? Woah! Its the 7th color of the rainbow! They use bright colors Now isnt that a tan color? Motorcyclers wear them First made them in his parents basement They were named after a greek godess Old Navy is part of Gap Inc. Warm cozy clothing for the night time Its world wide store! Their logo is a heart shaped crest The store for girls who love make up He made his own clothing when he realize his shorts never got soaked He walked 292 miles just to get to Paris Helps fight against the wind Very colorful accesories Took mens clothing and turned it in to womens clothing Multipule stores throughout Spain
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