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history of the clarinet is france

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Lillie Coppage

on 10 May 2017

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Transcript of history of the clarinet is france

history of the clarinet in france
Noblet/Leblanc, one of the oldest woodwind producers, is based in Paris. It was founded in 1750 exclusively making clarinets, but later expanded to all woodwinds. In 1921, their clarinets hit the US market and were a success here as well.
Buffet Crampon
Founded in 1825, Buffet Crampon is the world's biggest producers of clarinets. The company is based in Paris and has become a multinational corporation having dealers and makers around Europe and in the US.
Boehm System
Between 1831 and 1847, Theobald Boehm, a flautist and inventor, created a new system for the keys of a flute inspired by a concert soloist he saw in London. Prior to this invention, flutes were traditionally made of wood with eight keys and small tone holes. Boehm adapted a silver flute with a system of axle-mounted keys and a series of "open rings" called brille, that were fitted around other tone holes, so that the closure of one tone hole by a finger would also close a key placed over a second hole. This changed the whole flute community and greatly improved the instrument. The Boehm system closely resembles a saxophone's key system and was also adapted for clarinets (along with Albert system) later on.

French American Reeds
In 1935 Mario Maccaferri opened MASIM in Paris France

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