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WebPA / Moodle Integration Part II

This tutorial will walk you through setting up a WebPA activity in Moodle.

John Paul Posada

on 4 November 2011

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Transcript of WebPA / Moodle Integration Part II

This tutorial will walk you through setting up a WebPA activity in Moodle. The integration work has incorporated the following functions:

Single sign on from Moodle to WebPA
Automatic migration of Moodle groupings to WebPA collections
Automatic student account creation during grouping migration
WebPA Assessment creation from within Moodle
WebPA form selection to use from Moodle
Ability to import Mark sheet report (Student Grades and Feedback) from WebPA into Moodle grade book WebPA integration with Moodle Step 1
Adding a WebPA activity in Moodle With Moodle edit mode on select the WebPA Assessment from the Add an activity drop-down menu WebPA Assessment creation page Name WebPA Assessment
Select Moodle Grouping to use (Transfers all groups and members to WebPA Collection)
Create or select a WebPA Form to use in assessment (Any forms available in your account will be available in the drop-down otherwise select the link to 'Create a new form')
The description area is a good place to add instructions and information about the activity you're asking students to to do.
Setting WebPA Assessment options (Self & Peer, Peer Only, Allow Feedback, Prompt) Setting WebPA Moodle Activity release criteria; this will control when the link to the activity is made available to students in Moodle, to what grouping it will be made visible to, and when it should be closed. Once you complete the WebPA Assessment activity creation process in Moodle the activity will be released according to the dates you've set. Below is an example of how a student will see this activity in Moodle. Once the student selects the activity they'll be taken to the activity title and description page where they can select to 'Login to WebPA' and begin the assessment. This login happens automatically and seamlessly for both students and instructors. The login option takes the students directly into the WebPA Assessment via a pop-up. Step 2
Marking assessment and importing grades and feedback into the Moodle gradebook tool Once you're ready to finish the assessment and retrieve the marks you can select the assessment in Moodle and choose to import the marks. However if you haven't marked the assessment in WebPA and created a Mark sheet you'll need to choose the 'Login to WebPA' option to complete this first. With a couple of Mark sheets created I can now choose the 'Import marks to Gradebook' option. This option will provide a drop down of the Mark sheets I can choose from. These are named numerically in the order they were created. Once I choose the Mark sheet I'd like to use I can select the 'Submit to Gradebook' button to import the marks and comments. The WebPA Assessment activity in moodle is now complete. Below is a screenshot of the Grader report view you can see for this WebPA Assessment including the comments provided by the students. This User report screenshot displays what a student will see. I hope you found this tutorial useful, but please don't hesitate to contact me if you have any questions.

John Paul Posada

Educational Technologist
Faculty of Engineering
The University of New South Wales | UNSW Sydney | NSW | 2052
E: jp.posada@unsw.edu.au
Tel: +61 2 9385 6123 | Mob: +61 2 0401 713 540 | Fax: +61 2 9385 5456
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