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Ancient Japan Technology and Weapons

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Tahnaya Robinson

on 5 August 2014

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Transcript of Ancient Japan Technology and Weapons

Technology: How did they create things?
In Medieval Japan they created and expanded on a lot of resources such as; paint, fire balloons which were used in combat as well as a Katana which was a blade made for a samurai to kill their enemies in one swift movement. In the early 17th century they didn’t have many materials to help create their supplies.
Paint was created by using chalk or ground egg shells; they used a type of paint called casein which was made by preparing casein glue and mixing it with ground pigments. The casein glue was made by processing curdled milk with ammonia or ammonium carbonate.
Traditional Japanese houses were built by using wooden columns put on flat ground to eliminate the amount of moisture from the ground; the floor is taken up centimetres of the ground and wood is laid across wooden floor beams. In places like the kitchen and hallways have wooden flooring, although living rooms are covered with mats called tatami that are made of woven rush grass.
Washi is a style of paper that was made in the times of medieval japan. It’s made using bark of the Gampi tree but also can be made using bamboo, hemp, rice and wheat. The paper was used for written sentiments and famous artworks.
In the civil war they used the Yari; which is very similar to a spear; it has a sharp tip and a wooden end. They used it to throw at people who were a fair distance away but close enough to severely hurt them.
By: Gabby, Tahnaya, Suzie and Rachel
Ancient Japan Technology
And Weapons

In Medieval Japan there were many weapons that were used in combat. Because they didn’t have many resources, they had to build their own weaponry such as Nodachi, Kodachi and Katana.
They also used Nodachi in the civil war. It is a curved sword used when fighting on horses to cut through people very swiftly.
Another weapon that the Japanese used in war was the Katana. It is the most beautiful sword they had invented; it was in scripted with designs. It is said that the more beautiful the design the sharper the swords. To sharpen the sword they heat a metal iron and run it along the side of the sword.
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