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McCarthyism and "the end justifying the means"


Jeffrey Woodbury

on 11 April 2011

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Transcript of McCarthyism and "the end justifying the means"

McCarthyism and "the end justifies the means" Joseph McCarthy -Senator from Wisconsin
-McCarthy served as a circuit judge, an elected position.
-Served as a Marine in World War II
-Beat out Robert La Follette for the Senate seat The Accusations -On February 20, 1950 McCarthy made a speech in Wheeling West Virginia accusing the Department of State being "infested with communists".
-Claimed to have cases that proved charges he had made of many individuals.
-McCarthy worked on the fear of Americans during the red scare and accused many people falsely of being spys, traitors, or communists.
-None of his accusations ended up being true.
-During a 36 day hearing of some of McCarthys victims who were U.S. army officials, he could not bring up any evidence and was greatly discredited. McCarthyism McCarthyism is falsely accusing somebody of disloyalty or of being a communist, without evidence to reinforce the accusation. "The End Justifies the Means" McCarthy and supporters of him believed that his unjust actions would be made "just" by the result of them. Our opinion on this? McCarthy's actions were not justified by the end results he aimed for. He tried to create his own Republican controlled government by getting rid of Democrats, and others he was against, through false accusations of communism. Mccarthy played on the fears of Americans during this time for the good of himself. This is a political cartoon showing McCarthyism. The Republican donkey is laughing at the Democratic elephant stuck in the effects of McCarthyism represented by a sticky paper. Tommy Beam
Jeffrey Woodbury
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