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Types of Conflict

No description

Bethany Updike

on 2 February 2014

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Transcript of Types of Conflict

Person vs. Society
The character's beliefs are against the norms or laws of society. The character fights against these social traditions and rules.
Person vs. Self
The struggle takes place in the character's mind. Usually it has something to do with making a difficult choice or overcoming emotions.
Person vs. Person
A character struggles with another character.
Person vs. Fate
Peeta vs. fate in
The Hunger Games.
Person vs. Nature
Nature serves as an obstacle for the character. Usually the character is struggling to survive.
Types of Conflict
Internal Conflict
Since the conflict in person vs. self happens within the character, it is called an internal conflict.
Conflict occurs when a character wants something, but cannot get it. Various things and people can get in the way.
Harry vs. Voldemort in
Harry Potter
Tributes vs. the Capitol in
The Hunger Games
Frodo vs. himself in
The Lord of the Rings
Aron Ralston vs. nature in
127 Hours
The character struggles with something that is outside of his/her control and cannot be explained.
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