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The American Presidency

No description

Nathaniel Diaz

on 8 May 2010

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Transcript of The American Presidency

The American
Presidency Dessert plate used by John Adams and Elizabeth Monroe, 1817 First Lady Grace Coolidge's evening dress
One of the White House's most stylish and popular hostesses, first lady Grace Coolidge wore this chiffon velvet evening dress during her husband's administration. The dress, typical of the 1920s' "flapper" fashion, has a detachable train (not shown) and matching velvet shoes with rhinestone trim.

President Warren G. Harding wore these elegant silk pajamas made by Chavert & Fils, Inc., of New York and Paris. His monogram is embroidered on the pocket. The White House serves many functions. As a Historic building,it contains objects used over a period of two centuries. It is also where the president and first lady preside over ceremonies and official greetings. And it is the ome of the presidential family. While the first family needs to remain accessible to the American people, its members also must have space and time to escape from the pressures and scrunity of their official roles. Balancing their public and private lives has proved one of the greatest challenges facing occupants of the fishbowl that is the White House Building and Refurbishing the White House John and Abigail Adams moved into a partially completed White House in late 1800. Construction started eight years earlier, based on James Hoban's design in an architectural competition Repainting the White House, 1981 Life in the White House White House Weddings James Monroe's daughter Maria was the first child of a president to marry in the White House, in 1820. Her ceremony was restricted to famil. Subsequent weddings have become increasingly popular events, and the public wants to know many of the details. Packet of rice given to guests at the wedding of Luci Baines Johnson, 1966 Creating a Private Life When George Washington took office, he decided that the president should work and live in the same residence. Every chief executive since has abided by that rule. And while it has made performing the job of president more efficient, it has made family life more difficult. Quiet time and privacy must be seized from or interwoven with official business. Ultimately it is almost impossible to lead a "normal" existence when living in the White House Dollhouse made by a White House gardener for the Cleveland children, c. 1896 Spencer repeating rifle used by Abraham Lincoln for target practice, about 1864 THE END!
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