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Navajo Traditions

No description

Sydney Stengel

on 2 June 2011

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Transcript of Navajo Traditions

Navajo Traditions 1.) Navajo have a special tradition in weaving.caring for the sheep that provide the wool to weave is a chore. When the women weave they pass down their traditions and beliefs to their younge. 2.) The navajo are known for their ceremonies. Navajo have nine day ceremonies for ills, mental and physical.Amost everything they do including, planting crops, building shelters etc is a ceremony to them. 3.) In the Navajo Nation between the ages of 16 and 18, the children have a coming of age ceremony to represent the passage of being a child to becoming an adult. 4.) The Navajo people have anual fairs. The Navajo fairs are the largest native american fairs in the united states. Rodeos are always a favorite with these events. 5.) The medicine man plays a major part in the navajo culture. The medicine man holds great honor and respect for the tribe members. The medicine man has knowledge of the heritage and culture. 6.) The burying of the umbilical cord is buried near the hogan. Its a transition of the nourishment by the natural mother to a spiritual mother. 7.) In the Navajo Culture it is a tradition to have the churro sheep around. They are central to the Navajo life. The type of sheep has helped the navajo survive and they even have a special song about the breed. 8.) Waiting for a baby's first laugh is a big navajo tradition.A sign of a happy giggle means the baby has a desire to join its earth family. 9.) Navajos have a tradition of running in the morning. " When the sun comes up, the gods come up, so we run to greet the gods in the morning". 10.) The Navajos have a tradition of using a sweat lodge.It is used to help heal you either physically or mentaly. Some say it helps you see certain things in your future. Works Cited
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