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liar & spy

No description

Lilly Sanders

on 27 May 2014

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Transcript of liar & spy

Main characters.
Author: Rebecca Stead


Summary of Liar & Spy
Georges: He is the main character in the book. He is a shy boy and doesn't have many friends to depend on him.

George is a 7th grader and is 12 years old. He moves into a Brooklyn apartment building and that's were he meets a new friend Safer. Safer recruits him into his club called "Spy Club". In there club they are tracking Mr.X who lives above George.Safer, who is his only friend becomes more demanding which makes him question his friends motive.
Safer: A boy Georges age. He is an active kid but can be a loner at times. He was the one who created the Spy Club he is also very smart and secretive about things.

Mr.X: The man who lives above George. Mr.X is shy, single and old man. He is a man who doesn't like to talk a lot.
Theme of The Book
Friends are blessings, and can be demanding at times. Your friends will test you, but you have to trust yourself first.True friends accept you for who you are and make you stronger.
The Actors for the Movie
George: Thomas Brodie,
I picked Thomas Brodie because he is a nerd just like George. He was a shy boy when he was younger and also he didn't have as many friends in middle school.
Safer: Asa Butterfield, I picked this actor because he is a very smart kid and active just like Safer. He is mysterious and creative.

Mr.X: Elliott Gould,I picked this actor because he is old and singe. He likes his things to be hidden and private.
scenes to be deleted
One of the scenes that I would delete would be the scene in Safer's apartment were the were spying on Mr.X. They were being intrusive, to see what he was doing.
I would take that out this scene because I do not think that It should of been there at that time. It was to fast and not as interesting/mysterious as it could have been.
The second scene that I would delete would be when Georges mom gets sick and is in the hospital.
I would take this out because I don't think it is important. Also I think that it doesn't go with the book.
Work Cited
- Google

- Bing
Thomas Brodie
Asa Butterfield
Elliott Gould

- It would teach you the values of friendship.

-Everyone in this world everyone has someone to count on.

- The respect for peoples private lives, being nosy gets you no where.
- This movie would interesting to see how new friendships develop over time.
Pictures of the Actors
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