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Dark Secrets 1

No description

Emily Gagne

on 2 November 2012

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Transcript of Dark Secrets 1

Dark Secrets 1-Legacy of Lies Elizabeth Chandler Megan The Main Characters/Characterization Theme Plot Prezi Presented by Emily Gagne :) Protagonist Matt Round Dynamic Grandmother Antagonist Static Round Dynamic Pro/An-tagonist Round Setting The setting of the story takes place in present day in the town of Wisteria, which is a town on the Eastern Shore of the Chesapeake Bay. The street that one of the main character's house is on, which is also where all the main characters live/stay, is called Scarborough Street. The house is located in the middle of two creeks, one on each side, and a river too. Point of View The point of view that this story is told in is 1st Person. I can tell because the main character is telling the story and she uses the words "I, me, we, etc."
Ex. from book: "I sat back in my chair thinking about how Grandmother must have felt, dumped, then picked up again, second choice." (Page 112) Conflict There were many conflicts in my book:

External- character vs. character= Megan vs. Grandmother; In the story, Megan goes to stay with her grandmother. Once she arrives, her grandmother is rude to her from the start and she always was from there on and out. The reason for this is because Megan reminds Grandmother of her sister that died 60 years ago and Grandmother misses her sister.

External- character vs. character= Megan vs. Matt; When Megan first arrives at Grandmother's house, Matt was very mean and rude to Megan. Later on in the book, they form a bond and Matt is very nice to her. The reason is because Matt just tryed to follow Grandmother's reasoning.

Internal- character vs. self= Megan vs. self; Megan cannot except the fact that she becomes reincarnated by Grandmother's sister that died 60 years ago. Her name was Avril. Thoughtful, caring, meaningful Rude, unthoughtful ~Rude & mean at first
~Caring & kind in the end Exposition: Megan gets picked up by Ginny to go stay at the house she has been dreaming about a lot. The house is her grandmother's. When she gets there, she meets her grandmother, who is very rude, and she meets her cousin Matt, who is the same age as Megan. Rising Action: Megan is having these strange dreams about a girl named Avril, who was grandmother's sister that died 60 years ago. Rising Action Cont'd: Grandmother realizes that a lot of her belongings/antiques around the house keep moving back to where they originally were when Avril was alive and lived with Grandmother. Grandmother blames Megan for these actions. Rising Action Cont'd: Megan thinks that she might be the one moving the objects around the house. When she has the weird dreams about Avril, she ends up sleep walking, and she believes that while she is sleep walking, she's moving the objects. Megan is Avril in the dreams. Climax: Megan realizes and gets told that she is the reincarnated Avril. She can't believe that she is reincarnated into Avril. Megan didn't even think that reincarnation was real. Megan also goes back and relives some of her dreams, except that the bad and scary things that happened in them, didn't happen when she relived them. Falling Action: Matt told Megan the reason why Grandmother is so mean and rude to her. The reason is because Megan looks like Avril so she reminds Grandmother of her sister too much. Grandmother really misses her sister, even though her sister died 60 years ago. Megan wonders why Grandmother still can't get over her sister dying because it happened 60 years ago. Falling Action Cont'd: Matt shows a picture of Avril to Megan to show her that Avril and her do look alike. Megan sees the resemblance, but they do not look identical. The only think they have in common is their long black hair. Falling Action Cont'd: Megan also finds out that she is the same age right now as Avril was when she died. Their ages are 16. All of these characteristics and things that Megan and Avril have in common can explain some of the reasonings how Megan is reincarnated. Resolution: Since Megan is adopted and she is not blood related to Grandmother and Matt, her and Matt start to hang out and date. One of Megan's friends had said that she does make wedding cakes..... The theme of the story would have to be that sometimes life can be more complicated than the simple rules that we make for it. This means that we should always be expected for the unexpected. Never think that life isn't going to be complicated because one minute you could know something for sure and the next you could find out something that you never saw coming. Mood The mood that I got from reading this book would be between upset and sad because Megan was always being yelled at by Grandmother. I felt bad for Megan and I was mad at Grandmother for being so mean. Style The style of the story is the author uses a lot of conversation to show that there is much discussion between the characters about all of what's happening throughout the story and how they are all dealing with it. Tone The tones of this story are anxiety and scared because Megan was always anxious to to find out more about the reincarnation thing. She was also scared to find out how and why this was happening to HER. The End!
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