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Abraham Lincoln School

No description

Alexander Chapeton

on 17 June 2016

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Transcript of Abraham Lincoln School

Our project
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Specific objectives
Abraham Lincoln School
Community Helpers in Bogotá
My community
How to be a good citizen?
2nd Grade
"Catedra Bogota"
An Evolving City

The future is in our kids' hands
General Objective:
To identify different aspects around their nearest community like people, places, pets, professions, etc.
Specific actions:
• Students research about the pets and people in their community.
• Oral presentation about people in their community.
• Picture collage with cultural places of their community.
• Scale model and presented a role play about places,people and jobs in their community.

Language Objective:

* To communicate his/her ideas in an oral and written way by using short simple coherent sentences, as well as vocabulary related to the community.

* Sense of belonging.
* Responsibility of having pets.
* Respect of public goods.
* Promotion of researching and collecting information.
General Objective
Specific Actions
Language Objectives
Citizenship Competences
Bogota is our home!
General Objective
Specific Actions
Language Objectives
Citizenship Competences
To identify different workers in the city, the Bogota's history and the main touristic places we can find there through a research and socialization of the information
• To promote the community awareness in kids’ thoughts and feelings.
• To promote students’ understanding on the impact of people’s job in a community.
• To develop awareness on how individuals help a community grow.

Students will get familiar with community helpers, what they do to help us and some of the tools they use to perform their jobs. Through a series of tasks students will develop the necessary background to interview their parents about their experience as workers.
• To perform an oral presentation about a community helper.
• To dramatize a role-play.
• To interview parents about their professional background and experience.

• Choosing a community helper and preparing an oral presentation, describing some of the actions and tools used to help us.
• Interviewing one of their parents at home using an interview notepad, asking questions related to their parent’s job and working experience.
• Inviting some parents to class to interview them and share their experiences.
General Objective
Specific Actions
Language Objectives
Citizenship Competences
To recognize Bogotá, not only as the place where they live, but also as a big space where culture, knowledge and different customs grow up every day. That is why they will be aware of rules and correct behavior of the citizens in the different places around the city.
• To talk in English with confidence about situations observed in Bogota.
• To use English, as a foreign language, accurately and coherently to grammar and vocabulary background.

• To recognize and reflect upon attitudes and behaviors that citizens can assume in order to face and solve problems when living together in Bogota.
• To promote the community awareness in kids’ thoughts and feelings.
• To develop a sense of belonging to their city.
• To promote their understanding and development of basic values and competences of citizenship.

• Researching about the meaning of basic concepts about citizenship.
• Walking around their neighborhood to observe and collect information about people’s behavior in different places of the city. (Church, mall, streets, library, etc.)
• sharing with their classmates information gathered when walking around their neighborhoods by showing their own “being a good citizen booklets”.
• Students watch some videos provided by teachers to reflect about “How to be a good citizen” in the school, the city, the world, etc.
• Discussing about the rules that they have to follow in different places of the city.
• Creating their own TV commercials to engage people to be a good citizen wherever they are.

General Objective
Language Objectives
Specific Actions
To identify problems of the city in relation to its growth and architecture.
To analyze the impact of the city's growth in the environment.
To increase students' vocabulary repertoire related to the topic.
To organize ideas and sentences correctly.
To find information, organize, classify, interpret and create ways to present it.

Thanks a lot!
By: English Area

* To locate the most important places around the community.
*To research about different free time activities.
*To enrich the relationship between all the members of the family and to take advantages of free time.
Videos about the architectural evolution of the city.
Worksheet development in groups
Preparation of a debate about the improvement in Bogotá’s architecture in groups.
-Advantages of Bogotá’s architecture
-Disadvantages of Bogotá`s architecture
-Bogotá’s architecture was better in the past
-Bogotá’s architecture is better now.
Debate (2-minute intervention)
Final discussion

* To identify the most important leisure time activity in Bogotá.

Specific actions:

• Students have researched about free time activities and places of Bogotá.
• Students have made a collage by groups.
• Students have written simple sentences and talked about the collage.
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