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How to play Jianzi (shuttlecock)

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sushanna lu

on 18 March 2014

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Transcript of How to play Jianzi (shuttlecock)

Jianzi (shuttlecock)
How to play Jianzi
The rules of Jianzi:
*The Jianzi MUST not touch the ground
*Don't use your hands but you can use any other body part.
*you must kick the Jianzi
There are many techniques to play Jianzi. Some of the techniques are powerful flat kick, flatkick and the overhead kick. These techniques also help some people become good soccer players.
Formal game

A formal game is played in a rectangular court 6.10 by 11.18 meters. In a formal game you can play a duel with two people or five to ten people. You can also play freestyle Jianzi which is when you show your best moves.
Try it!
At first when you start playing Jianzi it is hard but effort will make you number one. It can also be a form of exercise.
History of jianzi (Shuttlecock)
The first known version of Jianzi was in China 5th century in B.C. It was said to have come from Cuju which is a ball game like football which was used in military training. Jianzi spread through Asia and had quite a lot of different names. The game has been around for two thousand years!
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