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Copy of Introduction to Sociology

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adrianne washington

on 29 August 2018

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Transcript of Copy of Introduction to Sociology

What is Sociology?
What do psychologists study?

What about biologists?
What content
do we study?

When studying reproduction,
what might a biologist
want to know? A psychologist?
A sociologist?
Sociology is the study of society. Sociologists study the impact of individual behavior on society and the impact of society on the individual. There is an interdependence between the two; one cannot exist without the other.
Age of intercourse
Age of relationship/marriage
Health care
Institutions - Society
Groups - Large/Small Organizations, Families
Individuals - The self
The earnings of U.S. women have just about caught up with those of U.S men.
FALSE: Over the years the gap has narrowed, but full-time working women only make 77% of what full-time working men earn.
Most rapists are mentally ill
The Micro-Macro Continuum
Sociological imagination
is a term coined by C. Wright Mills.

Mills says, “To understand social life, we must understand the intersection between
biography and history

Sociological imagination:
a quality of the mind that allows us to understand the relationship between our particular situation in life and what is happening at a social level.

When we examine the world through this lens, we see how our current moment and personal biographies sit within the trajectory of history. Using the sociological imagination to examine our own lives, we might question how social structures, forces, and relationships have given us certain privileges, like access to wealth and prestigious schools; or, how social forces like racism might make us disadvantaged as compared with others.

Sociological Imagination
Sociologists are interested in all aspects of society.

Society—a group of people who shape their lives in patterned ways that distinguish their group from other groups
What Is Sociology? (cont’d.)
Sociology can help you develop a sociological perspective—a way of taking a sociological approach or thinking sociologically about the world.
What Is Sociology? (cont’d.)
Chapter 1: Sociology and the Real World
Theories in sociology are propositions that explain the social world and help to make predictions about future events.

Theories are also sometimes referred to as approaches, schools of thought, paradigms, or perspectives.
Sociological Theories
Sociologists can use different levels of analysis to explore social relationships:

examines small-group interactions to see how they impact larger institutions in society

examines large-scale social structures to determine how they impact groups and individuals
Levels of Analysis
The Real World: An Introduction To Sociology, 3rd Edition
Copyright © 2012 W. W. Norton & Company
Sociological imagination: a quality of the mind that allows us to understand the relationship between our particular situation in life and what is happening at a social level
Sociological Imagination
Sociology is one of the social sciences— disciplines that examine the human or social world.
The Social Sciences...
Like it sounds, the “beginner’s mind” is the opposite of an expert’s mind. Bernard McGrane says that to explore the social world, it is important that we clear our minds of stereotypes, expectations, and opinions so that we are more receptive to our experiences.
The Beginner’s Mind
Culture shock happens when you experience a sense of disorientation upon entering a new environment.

Behaviors that seem typical in one society or culture may seem very strange in another context.
Culture Shock
Sociology—the study of society.

According to Howard Becker, sociology is the study of people “doing things together” because neither the individual nor society exist independently of one another.
What Is Sociology? (cont’d.)
Sociology looks at a broad range of institutions (structures in our society, like education, economics, and politics) to better understand social relationships.

Institutions are structures (groups) in society that are designed to serve a purpose, yet govern our behavior.
What are social institutions?
Application of the Sociological Imagination
Roe v. Wade
The murder of Emmett Till
America goes dry
History and Biography
Chapter 1, Part 1:
Unlocking the
World of Sociology!
How do the social sciences connect
Living Through it vs. Reading Through it:
Someone born in 1922, compared to someone born in 1981, will be impacted differently by the desegregation of schools (or the entire Civil Rights Movement.)
Coffee is more than a drink, it is a symbol
Daily rituals
Social aspects
Coffee as a drug
Brown v. Board of Education
Types of Sociology:

Sociological inquiry conducted with the objective of gaining a more profound knowledge of the fundamental aspects of social phenomena. Also known as pure sociology.

The use of the discipline of sociology with the specific intent of yielding practical applications for human behavior and organizations.

Facilitating change by altering social relationships or restructuring social institutions.
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