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To kill a Mockingbird: Coming of age

This is an English assignment of how certain characters have changed and matured over the course of the Novel. (Composition/Literature ninth grade Honors English). Free use Presentation, you are welcome to use it. Simply Credit me (Bryant Galeana)

Lukla Benitez

on 11 February 2014

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Transcript of To kill a Mockingbird: Coming of age

Coming of Age

English Project Period 3
March 7,2012 Created by

Aracely Arreola

Mariana Martinez

Diana Marie Venegas

Bryant Galeana Harper lee expresses her theme of Comming of age in the story "To kill a mockingbird" in several ways such as... If you need some, I don't know, help on your next Presentation or project use.... How does Harper lee convey her thoughts on Coming of age in the book? The development of characters... Symbols Imagery... Tone... And finally Motif... The Introductory literary element we will be demonstrating is Character development... A good example of Character development is Jem's growth.
Jem matures from his younger mentality to an older one, often pushing Scout around. His fascinations with Boo Radley and other childish rumors cease. Scouts maturation is very similar to Jems... A lot of the development is based here As they both mature they learn new things such as how life isn't all rainbows and lollypops such as this quote conveys

"The full meaning of the nights events hit me and i began to cry."

The quote reveals that Scout is truly realizing her father could have died protecting Tom. Symbols play a key role in stories... Whilst there aren't many symbols relating to Coming of Age, the few that are play a key role in the children's maturity. The biggest Symbol of Scout's coming of age is Boo Radley... Boo Radley isn't what she thought. she thought Boo was evil, and a "Foot washing baptist" according to Mrs. Maudie. Atticus soon shows her that racism is the worlds evil... So in turn Boo himself is a Symbol of Coming of age... Another symbol is The trial of Tom Robinson. Many changes happened there both Jem and scout. They learned how people could be so racist and how even if have not commited the crime they punish him for the color of his skin and ,right there in the court room, scouts and Jems innocence is killed www.Prezi.com The Theme we are going to discuss now is Imagery... Special Thanks to Mrs. Gindi and Mrs. Grise Their are several pieces of Imagery such as the cemented hole and the Mad dog. The biggest one is of course on the title, The Mockingbird. As scout matures they learns that its a Mortal Sin to Kill a mockingbird. Scout learns from the Mockingbird that there is both hatred and Goodness, the bird signifying the Innocence, so to kill the bird is to kill innocence Many characters in the novel , such as Jem, Tom Robinson and Boo Radley are all Mockingbirds "killed" by the Truth of life... The final Theme we will be looking at is Tone and Motif... Tone and Motif are very Similar but still different.
-Tone being an aditude towards something in a book.
-Motif being a Recurring theme that has significance... The tone of the story is a tone which all have to accept. The existence of good and bad. teaching scout that life is hard and that it must be accepted and that is a tough pill to swallow especially since she is growing... The motif of the story is The mockingbird. similar to the tone, the mockingbird shows that innocence is destroyed for the little girl. she learns how the town is a cruel and unforgiving. all against her.
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