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The Lions of Little Rock By: Kristin Levine

No description

megan hjermstad

on 14 March 2014

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Transcript of The Lions of Little Rock By: Kristin Levine

Don't judge a book by its cover, don't give up on your dream, friendship,overcoming personal challenges, prejudice, and also standing up for your beliefs.
The Lions of Little Rock By: Kristin Levine
Setting/main characters
Setting: This book takes place in 1958, in a town called Little Rock, Arkansas. It was a rough time period for women and African Americans.

Plot Map
Author Facts
Kristin Levine
Character Traits
Marlee- shy, quiet, compares people to drinks, frightened, (at the end of the book) she is happy, outgoing, brave.
Book Summary
The book
The Lions of Little Rock
is about a 12 year old named Marlee who is shy and quiet, shes scared to go to middle school, but she meets a new girl named Liz. She finally thinks she has a real friend. When Liz is caught passing as a white, (but is really African-American) Liz has to leave the school, Marlee decides she wants her friend back; she doesn't realize wanting her friend could have so many dangers to her and her family.
By: Megan, Paige, and Shalayne
People are prejudice and colored people aren't allowed to go to school with white people. (there is no Integration)
Rising Action
Liz is colored
Judy moves away
JT called Liz a bad name
JT cheats off of Marlee's homework
Red eggs a house on Halloween
Red blows up Betty Jeans house with dynamite
The STOP organization wins the election and schools are reopened/integration
Mr Dalton
Mrs Dalton
Little Jimmy
Principal Watkins
Mrs Winthrop
Pastor George
Mr Harding
WEC and STOP Committee
Betty Jean
The book Lions of Little Rock was written about her mom

The main character Marlee was based on Kristine when she was younger
She likes to write historical fiction
Liz- opposite of Marlee, brave, talks a lot, excited, caring, curious
JT- mean, crabby, cheater, uses people, rude, jerk
Sally- snotty, picky, self-centered, sassy, mean
Betty Jean- helpful, kind, caring, sweet, responsible
Now she likes to talk and is no longer shy (like Marlee at the end of the book)
Her favorite author is Robin Mckinely
She went to Little Rock, AK (for interviews about the book)
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