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Love, Aubrey Prezi

No description

Brittany Walker

on 30 November 2011

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Transcript of Love, Aubrey Prezi

Homely, Heartfelt, Poetic. The story tells the about how an 11-year old girl named Aubrey Priestly recovers from losing her little sister (Savannah) and her father in a car crash. The first main event was when Aubrey’s mom runs away and leaves Aubrey alone in their house. Aubrey soon has to go shopping and buys a Betta fish which she names Sammy. For the next few weeks, Aubrey lives on Spaghetti-Os and cheese and crackers. Eventually, Aubrey’s grandma shows up because Aubrey wasn’t answering the phone. After going to live with her Aubrey meets new friends in and out of school. And with these new friends Aubrey puts her life back togetther. Frame and Tone:
Urban, Detailed. Pacing:
The pacing is most of the
time slow but sometimes
like the climax are fast paced. Aubrey Priestly: 11-year-old protagonist, mourning the loss of her father and sister, abandoned by her mother, living with her grandmother.
Gram: Aubrey's maternal grandmother, who provides the stability in the Aubrey's life necessary for her to come to terms with her loss.
Savannah: Aubrey's 7-year-old sister, who died in a car accident.
Bridget: Aubrey's caring best friend, who lives next door to Gram in Vermont.
Marcus: A friend from school, whose emotional problems help Aubrey gain perspective.
Jilly: Savannah's imaginary friend, to whom Aubrey first began writing letters to.
Amy Carlisle: Aubrey's counselor at school.
Mabel: Bridget's 4-year-old sister, who constantly causes painful memories of Savannah that overwhelm Aubrey.
Lissie: Short for Elizabeth, Aubrey's mother who abandoned her at the beginning of the book What does the character do because of his or her beliefs? What beliefs has the character developed? Information and experiences surrounding the character. What has the character paid attention to in his/her life? What cultural and personal meaning has the character added to his/her life experiences?
Aubrey always looking at things as they relating to the death of her father and sister. After the car accident Aubrey was always thinking about her father and sister. That Mabel is the Living Reincarnation of Savannah Aubrey has paid attention to all the new characteristics of her new home. Aubrey, after moving to Vermont, she has met new friends and basically nursed herself back to health.

Characters. One current issue is that 2300 people go missing everyday and it is not common that these poeple are found. Most are pronouced dead or never found. Mostly are children. Also over 14% of missing persons reports are recored to have invlove foul play. Terms of Appeal
Life-like and realitable Story line:
Family-centered, Plot twist, Complexed, Layered Setting The setting begins in Virginia and when Aubreys grandmother comes to get her they rode a train to Vermont.
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