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A Book Share: Brave New Digital Foreign Language Classroom

No description

rene palafox

on 28 July 2013

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Transcript of A Book Share: Brave New Digital Foreign Language Classroom

A Book Share: Brave New Digital Classroom: technology and foreign language learning

Goals of this Webinar
Technology in the Foreign Language Classroom
Who has time for that kind of investment?
Will technology replace the teachers or courses?
Am I adequately trained to use technology in my class?

Computer Assisted Language Learning (CALL)

Grammar, translation, and audio-lingual
Formal structural system

21st century learning

Content-based instruction
Developed in social interaction
Authentic discourse
(learner becomes an agent in the learning process)

Stages in Computer Competence
Knowing how to use the tools (simple)
Realizing what the tools are good for (critical competence)
Understanding how these tools transform the learning environment (should be the goal)

Begin a discussion about how technology can best be used to in the foreign language curriculum to enhance and improve the learners’ contact with the target language (primary focus of the book)
Understand how computer assisted language learning (CALL) can facilitate second language acquisition (SLA)
Learn the stages of computer competence
Learn about useful links to websites that promote Second Language Acquisition (SLA)

Cool Sites!
• http://www.GoogleMaps.com

• http://www.padlet.com
• http://www.Storybird.com
• http://www.Vocaroo.com
• http://www.jing.com
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