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Beginning of a new chapter

No description

Jordan Brittian

on 11 August 2014

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Transcript of Beginning of a new chapter

New Experiences
Pre-II Students
Welcome to an Experience of a Lifetime!
*These are not students of VIS. This is just an idea of how the ESL classroom was set up.
Expect to have an open mind
Expect to be independent in a foreign country
Expect to read a paper map, do not rely on your phone
Expect to learn new interesting teaching styles at VIS
Expect to be challenged
Expect to over come fears
Expect to get weird looks (haha)
Expect cold, wet, and rainy
Expect to learn about different cultures
What to expect on your journey
You will learn many different things on this trip. Ranging small things such as saying thank you in german "Danke" to finding your way around Vienna all by yourself.
You will also learn about the many different cultures of your students at VIS and their divers learning styles.
You will learn to challenge yourself. Teaching students to learn a new lesson that you just created the day before can be challenging but it is worth it in the end!
You will learn how to order your own meal in German.
You will learn the correct way to order water and ask for you bill. Trust me it is not as easy as it sounds.
You will learn the historical sites of Austria. They are beautiful sites that you do not want to miss out on.
You will learn how to shop at a Austrian flea market.
You will learn to ride a subway!
Their are many more things I could mention but I could go on forever. However the most import aspect you need to learn is to TAKE IT ALL IN AND KEEP IT IN!
Advice from me to you from my experience
Advice from me to you
Pre-II Internship
This is an experience you will never forget. It will open your eyes to remind you that the world is much bigger than you think. Yes in reality people are People, however, when it comes to culture we can be very different.
It will be a trip that opens your eyes and will give you the experience of being an outsider looking in on a different way of life.
At times you may feel out of your comfort zone but that's GOOD! It means you are learning and experiencing something new!
Your attitude towards traveling and travelers will change because you will have a first hand experience.
Expect to have a BLAST and enjoy every minute.
What you will learn
You will appreciate the different types of beauty in Austria. It ranges from beautiful man made art, architect, to the wonderful scenery all over Austria.
The food! You will appreciate all of the hard work they put into their delicious food!
Learn how to eat correctly before you go. Listen to Dr. Fries on the proper way of eating because you will be stared at.
Take many pictures while you are there! I already miss it!
Become close with the group you are going with. It makes it that much better.
Take in all the advice from your clinical faculty that you can. Get involved with extra curricular activies! Trust me you will want to!
Look at the entire school of VIS and if you have questions make sure to ask them.
See as much as you can while you are there because you never know when you will have the chance to go back.
So you want to go to Austria?
What to appreciate
You will encounter situations in which you maybe be personally challenged while on your trip.
Finding your way around a new p
Long air plan rides
Living with others you barley know.
Adapting to different teaching/ learning goals.
Helping students master a concept that my be different in the U.S.
History (Being in the same location of brutal history)
Challenging yourself to try new things.
Clothes (Wearing the same clothes over and over)
Walking everywhere
In the end it is all worth it. When you challenge yourself you are overcoming your fears and accomplishing something you never dreamed of.
Developing Teacher
I believe a developing teacher should be involved in as much as possible.
Guess what? YOU are on the right path, if you have chosen to travel to Austria for your PRE-II.
During this trip, as you continue to develop into a stronger teacher, I challenge you to get involved at VIS as much as you possible can.
Lunch Duty
Hall Duty
Lesson Plans
Extra Curricular Activities (ex. Field Trips and Soccer Practice)
The more you put into this trip you more you get out of it. To receive much, you must give much.
You will learn so much more by getting involved!
I have created this Prezi to give you an idea of my personal experience of Austria.
Cultural Differences
There are many different cultural differences I was able to pick up on.
Food- The U.S. and Austria have the same types of food. However they are cooked very differently. For example one night we stopped at a frozen yogurt stand. Well at home frozen yogurt is very sweet, in Austria it is the real yogurt that is frozen.
Table etiquette- In Austria you learn a different style of eating, it is very eliquite and respectable.
Breakfast- It is not a huge meal. You normally start you day with coffee or milk with bread and jam. Its wonderful.
Dinning- When dinning out in Austria you ask for the bill when you are done, if not they will let you stay as long as you please.
Water- Water is not just water in Austria, you have with or without (air)
Transportation- People who live in the large city's walk everywhere or take the subway. The people who live out of large districts walk, take the train, or have a car.
Life in Austria is somewhat different but Amazing
This experience helped me understand a new meaning of inquiry based learning. I was placed in an ESL 5th grade classroom. During this time of the year the entire 5th grade was working on their PYP(primary years program) exhibition. Each student picked a topic and researched the entire project by themselves. However if some students had the same topic they would get in groups to research and discuss their topics. They would share their research on google drive with their teacher and classmates in order for them to look over their work for mistakes.

In the ESL classroom we would either go into the different grade 5 classrooms to help certain students or they would come into the ESL class. During this time we would scaffold each student with their reading and writing. We never gave them any answers to questions however we would give them clues to find the answer. This was to insure the students were completely coming up with their own answers and research.

Learning how to teach in a way that helps students master inquiry based learning has shaped my personal expectations on how I will teach in my future classroom. It is a wonderful learning tool because the students are able to do everything on their own it gives them responsibility and drive to learn.

Teaching Method Used at VIS
Teaching Method continued
Another big teaching method used at VIS is Responsibility. This one really shocked me.
At the beginning of the day the responsibility started. The students were required to put up their outdoor shoes and replace them with their indoor shoes.
When the students walked into the class they would go right to work, because it was their responsibility to finish so much before class was over.
Around 10 a.m. the students have a break time. All of the teachers would get up and walk out of the class to their meeting/break and a sub would walk the halls. The students would play games quietly or worked on different assignments.
At lunch they used normal silverware and breakable plates, it was their responsibility to put away their plates and silverware when they were done eating.
They were responsible for bringing everything they needed to class and on time.
Students each used a classroom macbook and were responsible for taking care of it and putting it up when they were finished.
Students were also responsible for using the bathroom whenever they needed. They would quietly get out of their sit go the the washroom and return with no problem. This really amazed me.

These are just some of the main responsibilities I could remember.
These are not actually pictures or Kids from VIS. This is just for a visual aid.
The most important thing of all!
Make lasting memories and Friendships.
Learn new Teaching Skills and Strategies
SEE and Explore everything you can!
Become a experienced Traveler.
Take in everything you possibly can from this experience!
Be Thankful for an amazing experience!
Thank you DR. FRIES
These are not students of VIS, this is just a picture to give you an example of how the ESL classroom was set up.
This is not a VIS student. Example of their lunch utensils.
By: Jordan Brittian
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