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Greek Mythology

Prezi on Greek Mythology.

NAMSY Forever

on 29 January 2013

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Transcript of Greek Mythology

By Anagha, Malisha, Sashini Greek Mythology iNTRODUCTION The eldest brother of Zeus and lord of
the underworld. He is not an Olympian
but he does have a seat on mount Olympus. Many think of him as the lord of hell but that isn't very accurate as the underworld is not just hell; it also has Elysian Fields and the five rivers. Being the lord of the underworld also meant he was the god of jewels as they are mined from underground. Hades Zeus Dionysus Poseidon Apollo Hermes Athena Ares Hephaestus Greek Mythology Family Tree Cronus Rhea According to greek mythology, long before our time, before the time of our grandfathers and even their grandfathers, gods ruled the world. There were twelve Olympians...and then there was Hades.
These gods and goddesses watched over and controlled various aspects of mortals' lives. They were immortal and each had their own area of expertise.

Still curious? Click next to find out more! Hera Better known as the wife of god Zeus, She was the queen of all the gods, and also the goddess of marriage. Hera was very jealous of her famous and powerful husband, Zeus. The youngest child of the Titan, Cronus and Rhea.
Zeus took his place as the ruler of Olympus when he released his siblings from their imprisonment in his father's stomach and then slayed the Titan king.
His chief domain is the sky.

Symbol: Thunderbolt Brother of Zeus also known as god of the sea for his domain was the ocean. Sometimes called earth-shaker for his role in creating earthquakes; he's rumored to be a very moody god.

Symbol: Trident The Big Three Zeus, Poseidon & Hades The three sons of Cronus and Rhea worked together to defeat their father. They then split the world into three domains; the sky,the ocean and the underworld. They agreed that each will rule his respective domain so as to prevent disputes.
Not saying that this stopped them from arguing; but it could have been a whole lot worse. Demeter Aphrodite Hades Poseidon Zeus Hera Demeter Hestia Demeter is the goddess of corn, grain, and the harvest. She is the daughter of Cronus and Rhea. It is Demeter that makes the crops grow each year. The first loaf of bread from the harvest is scarificed to her. Demeter is the goddess of the earth, of agriculture, and of fertility in general. The last god to be accepted into Mount
Olympus, who shares his seat with
Goddess Hestia, is the offspring of
God Zeus and mortal mother, Semele. He was changed by Hermes on behalf of his father, Zeus, into a ram and carried to Mount Nysa to be brought up by the nymphs there. This was done to save Dionysus from Zeus's jealous and maddened wife, Hera. It was in this mountain where God Dionysus learnt to cultivate wine and therefore, is called the God of Wine. He, however, is also known as the God of Theatre and God of Ecstasy. He is the god of music, playing a golden lyre. The god of healing who taught man medicine. The god of light. Also god of truth, who can not speak a lie. He's an archer and can shoot from very far with his silver bow. She had a beautiful daughter named Persephone, who was later abducted by Lord Hades to be made his wife. With the help of God Zeus, Lord Hades finally came to an agreement with Goddess Demeter, that four months each year Persephone would have to spend in the underworld as she had too, enjoyed privileges of the underworld. It is during these four months where winter occurs and on Persephone's arrival from the underworld, is when flowers bloom and spring happens. One of Apollo's more important daily
tasks is to harness his chariot with four
horses and drive the Sun across the sky. He was protector and patron of travelers, herdsmen, thieves, orators and wit, literature and poets, athletics and sports, invention and trade. He is a trickster, and made a habbit of outwitting other gods for his own satisfaction or the sake of humankind. Hermes was a god of transitions and boundaries.He is the fastest of the gods. The son of Zeus and Maia; He was quick and cunning, and moved freely between the worlds of the mortal and divine, as emissary and messenger of the gods. Apollo is the son of Zeus and Leto.
The twin brother of Artemis. In contrast to her brother who was the
god of the sun she was the goddess of
the moon. She was the goddess of the hunt, wild animals, wilderness & childbirth, and very strongly linked to females. Artemis is the daughter of Zeus and Leto. Her twin brother is Apollo. She is the lady of the wild things. Artemis Athena was born without a mother. Her father was the mighty Zeus. According to one myth Athena sprung forth from Zeus's mind. Zeus loved all his children, but if he had to pick a favorite, it would probably have been Athena, the goddess of wisdom. She was also the god of war crafts and domestic arts. She was the patron goddess of Athens which was named after her. In connection to war Athena, unlike Ares, was more focused towards strategy and intelligence as opposed to violence and bloodshed. Ares was a son of Zeus and Hera. He was the god of war and mostly represented the violent and chaotic side of it in contrast to Athena's organized, strategical representation. Ares embodied the physical valor necessary for success in war and was a dangerous force to be reckoned with. He thrived on bloodshed. Dionysus Apollo Hephaestus Hermes Ares Artemis Hephaestus is the son of Zeus and Hera. Hephaestus was the only Olympian who limped. Some say that Hera, upset by having an ugly child, flung him from Mount Olympus into the sea, others say Zeus, in a fit of temper, flung him off Mount Olympus when he was just a baby. He is the god of fire and the forge. He is the smith and armorer of the gods. Athena Twins Aphrodite was the exception to the Greek God family tree. Some say her parents were unknown, and that she was born of sea foam. Others said she was a daughter of the Zeus. Aphrodite was the goddess of love and beauty. Because of her beauty, other gods feared that their rivalry over her would interrupt the peace among them and lead to war, so Zeus married her to Hephaestus, who was the most unflattering of the gods. The End :)
Thank You for Watching
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