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And The Mountains Echoed

ISP exam

Shruti Kutty

on 28 July 2014

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Transcript of And The Mountains Echoed

Literary Devices
- There is foreshadowing because in chapter 1 before their trip to Kabul, Saboor tells the children a bedtime story about a farmer who sacrifices his youngest child to a giant. The farmer wants to take revenge so he goes to the giants house. It is revealed that the giant takes all the children he kidnaps, takes them home and nurses them. He schools them, they get good food to eat and a lot of room to play. Now the giant gives the farmer two options, one to take his son home to to his life of poverty or two leave the son there and never talk to anyone about what happens in the giants house. The farmer realized that his son will have a much better life there so he leaves. The giant gives him a potion that will make him forget about everything. He drinks the potion and goes on about his life. This foreshadows what is going to happen in Kabul, with Saboor selling Pari. He sells her so she could have a better life.

- After Pari is sold, Abdullah wants to forget her for good. He references the story wishing that he could get a magic potion too that will help him forget. This does happen in the end when he is diagnosed with Alzheimers and is unable to remember Pari.
- Caring
- Loving
- Morally and Ethically strong
- Hardworking
- Agonizes Pari's loss for most of his life.
- Diagnosed with Alzheimers before he reunites with
Issues within the novel
- Families affected by the many wars in Afghanistan (Soviet's came into Afghanistan, Taliban Rule etc).

- Families affected by Afghan Refugee Crisis.

- The different sacrifices that one makes that breaks a family apart.

- Limits of Love
This is a list of the other families/characters in the book.

- Parwana and Masooma
- Nabi and Suleiman Wahdati
- Idris and Timur Bashiri
- Roshana and Amra Amdevoic
- Nila Wahdati
- Adel and Baba Jan
- Markos and Thalia
- Sultana and Pari
And the Mountains Echoed
by: Khaled Hosseini

A presentation by Shruti Kutty
Background Information
The novel opens in the year 1952 in Shadbagh, a fictional village situated right on the outskirts of Kabul, Afghanistan. As the story progresses, it move to California, Paris, Tinos (Greek Island) and it ends in San Francisco.

"And the Mountains Echoed" is a multi - generation family story that focuses on how families wound, betray, honor and sacrifice for one another. It really tests the limits of love and shows how fast families can rupture and even the strongest relationships can be torn apart.

The structure of this novel is very different from Hosseini's past 2 novels. Instead of making the plot linear and just focusing on the two main characters, he introduces a new character in each chapter. This new character is related to the protagonists in some way. They put their perspective in and help advance the plot.

About the Author
- Naive
- Cheerful and Caring.
- Intelligent
- Easily adapts to new life.
- Symbol of hope for many characters.
- Her whole life was a lie
- She wishes she could have spent more of her life with Abdullah.
Saboor's choice of story is important to the story because it shows how families sacrifice out of love.
Themes in the Novel
Some of the main themes are:

- Betrayal
- Sacrifices that show true love
- Sibling Relationships
- Familial Love
- Loss of loved ones
- Dependence
- Hope for the future
- Search of Identity
Lesson that I learned
Significant Passages
1. The Baba Ayub Story that Saboor tells to his children.
This story is very significant to what happens in the book. Not only what happens with Pari and how she gets sold, but also what happens to Abdullah in the end, how he eventually does forget Pari.
(Hosseini, 1- 13).
Afghanistan's current status.
Discussion Questions
When Pari, in her old age, feels as if something is missing from her life.
"But something else too at the edge of it all, at the rim of her vision- and ths is what draws her most- an elusive shadow. A figure. At once soft and hard. The softness of a hand holding hers....... There has been in her life, all her life, a great absence. Somehow, she has always known." (Hosseini, 246 - 247)
This passage shows that even though so much time has passed, she still vaguely remembers this person who loved her so much. She just can't put a name to it.
Abdullah is so close to her heart that she still can vaguely remember him. She has such a strong bond towards him that she has felt this way her whole life.
Roshana showing "Hope for the Future".
Political Conflicts and Emotional issues lead families in making heartbreaking sacrifices that destroy their family life.
1. What were some of the motivations for Saboor selling Pari? Do you think he loved her?
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Taliban slowly withdrawing.
USA and UK troops slowly withdrawing.
Afghan refugee crisis has increased. Currently there are 2.7 million Afghan refugees in the world.
Developed countries taking the initiative to help these refugees
People are more aware.
- Hardworking
- Loving (even though he doesnt show it that much)
- Low self esteem.
- Creative Imagination
-Likes to show his manliness by not depending on anyone
- Emotional

- Two siblings named Abdullah (10) and Pari (3). They live in Shadbagh, Afghanistan

- Father, Saboor sells Pari to rich couple in Kabul in hopes that she will lead a better life there.

- Abdullah is traumatized and leaves Shadbagh to start a new life.

- Pari forgets about her past life and adapts to her new parents.

- After 50 years of staying apart, Pari gets a hold of Abdullah and they reunite.

- Now Abdullah can't remember Pari because he is diagnosed with Alzheimers Disease.
This book is about multiple families and how all of their stories are interconnected. The main plot of this book is Abdullah and Pari's story.
- Born March 4th 1965 in Kabul, Afghanistan
- Moved to San Jose, California in 1980.
- Was a physician before he became a full time writer
- Has written and published 3 novels so far, "The Kite Runner" being his most famous (now a major motion picture).
- Winner of Boeke Prize and Literature to Life Award.
- He wrote "And the Mountains Echoed" based on his experiences of going back to Afghanistan and interviewing Afghan Refugees who have come back to start a new life.
- Official UN Goodwill Ambassador for Refugees
- Owns "Khaled Hosseini Foundation" which provides humanitarian aid for refugees.
"Every day I think about you. Every day I am watching the films you bought for me. I like them all. It makes me sad that you are not here to watch with me. I am feeling good and Amra jan is taking good care of me. Please say Salaam to your family for me. Inshallah, we will see each other soon in California." (Hosseini, 173).
Roshana has placed a lot of trust in Idris and she is very confident that they will see each other in California. She sends a lot of letters to Idris showing her hope. Idris is also motivated to help her due to the fact that she cares for him so much even though they know each other only so little.
One of the letters that Roshana writes to Idris.
2. Canada is currently reforming immigration laws for refugees living in UN camps, making the asylum process faster and more efficient for them. However in countries like Mexico, they have introduced a visa process for Mexican "tourists". The form is highly detailed and very strict. The refugee system still exists for these countries but it is a lot more stricter than before. Is Canada showing special treatment to refugees living in UN camps? Should Canada continue to do this? Why/Why Not?
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