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Violence In Woman At Point Zero

No description

on 17 February 2015

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Transcript of Violence In Woman At Point Zero

How does the setting of Egypt make it easier for us to cope with the sexism and violence in
Woman at Point Zero
Roles of Women in Egypt
Do not work
Cook, clean, and take care of the children
Do not attend school
Do not choose who to marry
Do not make any major decisions for the family
Are often beaten by the head male figure of their family
How common are stories like Firdaus'?
El Saadawi does not include a date
these events are timeless
Similar incidents happen almost everyday
"In Egypt, a third of women are physically abused by their husbands, according to the 2005 Egypt Demographic and Health Survey (DHS). Most victims suffer silently and don’t seek help to prevent or stop the violence because they think it is part of life or they are embarrassed by the abuse."
Population Reference Bureau, 2010
Why doesn't anyone do anything about it?
The wealthy pay people off
Lower class is not important
They "turn the other cheek"
Wives have become conditioned not to speak up
After reading the book...
Some people's eyes may be opened to this problem
It doesn't affect us that much because we knew it was happening but it's so far away we don't really think about it
Why did El Saadawi choose Egypt?
Firdaus was a real, Egyptian woman
The book is based off Firdaus' life story
El Saadawi was inspired by her story and wrote about it
El Saadawi is also from Egypt, so she may have experienced similar life experiences as Firdaus
Violence In Woman At Point Zero
Savannah Linares
What impact does the setting have on the reader?
Reader can easily understand the violence since it is not happening in their own country
As a reader not from Egypt, it almost feels surreal that these kind of things happen
We can also understand the roles of women in Egypt and how they are different than in America
How would it be different if it had taken place in modern day America?
A lot of people would take it more seriously
Some people would try to raise awareness of the problem
It would be harder to cope with
But would anything be different, or would we just "turn the other cheek"?
Roles in
Woman at Point Zero
Firdaus is taught from a young age that she is not important and that she must follow her parent's orders
She gets punished for wrong actions
Her punishments usually consist of:
no dinner
being forced to stay inside and cook and clean
She is also laughed at by many people when she states she wants to go to college
What do you think would happen?
I asked some of my friends what they think would happen, how people would react, and how the book would have been different if it had happened in America.
It is unlikely to have happened
If it did, people would be ashamed at how men are treating women
Jordi Halle said...
Charlie Rollasan said...
It would open our eyes to what happens around us
People would be surprised if the book that takes place in America was true
We don't realize that these things happen where we live and it really could happen in the US
Sexual slavery is prominent, though not in our area
Sami Williams said...
This type of abuse is happening all around us all over the world
If it took place in America, people would be shocked and scared that this is happening in their own backyard
People realize its happening in other countries, but may not realize it is happening all around them
Giana SanGiovanni said...
Domestic abuse is engrained in Egyptian culture and it has become a major part of women's everyday life even still today
In America, domestic abuse was more prevalent hundreds of years ago when women were subordinate to men
It still occurs in many households, though domestic abuse has become illegal and unacceptable
William Walker said...
If it had taken place in America, it would have mostly been the same
Prostitutes have very hard lives that we rarely ever hear about
The only difference would be how she was objectified in public
Woman aren't treated as poorly out in the open America or corporate America, such as when Firdaus worked for the company
There is a very possible chance this could have taken place in America because the life of a prostitute can be a struggle in any country
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