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Elite Cleats

No description

londey flenory

on 27 September 2016

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Transcript of Elite Cleats

how much will Elite cleats cost?
These cleats will cost 175.00 plus tax. they will cost so much because these are first ever cleats that help gain speed. They also are also the fist cleats with a built in cooling system.
Where will this item be promoted?
I will have my own commercial starring Julio Jones. Julio Jones will also be one of my main endorsers. I will also have my cleats on all EA sport games.
They will be sold in a variety of sports stores and online websites across the United states. Such as Sports authority, Academy sports, Dicks sporting goods, Hibbet sports, and Eastbay.
What type of people should buy the products?
This is for people who like to get active on the football field. This item can be purchased by all ages and used by all ages . this item is not for females they only come in men styles. Ages: 8-35
Elite Cleats
These are a pair of the greatest cleats ever made. Built in cooling system with extra grip and a speed booster within the shoe.

Made by: Londey A. Flenory
What's so great about these cleats?
Where can i find Elite cleats at?
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