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Dark Side: Requiem

Battle for Astraea

Robert Mueller

on 21 December 2013

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Transcript of Dark Side: Requiem

As the Sidera Conflict rages anew, the planet finds itself in constant disarray
Now to meet the Design Stars...
To succeed in battle you must ask yourself one question, "How will I wage war"?
Lore Master
Mr. Jon Oelschlager
"I don't always create fantasy lore but when I do it's LEGENDARY!!"
Lore Master
Mr. Robby Prince
Art Extraordinaire
Mr. Allen Middleton
Art Extraordinaire
Mr. Robert Mueller
Mr. Ilan Lipsky
Mr. Jay Pierro
Loves happy endings...
"You don't have enough badges to train me."
Draws in the dark!
His conflict resolution = THUNDERDOME!
Real Time Tactical (RTT) Elements
Concept Skill
Tree Layout
Role Playing Game (RPG) Elements
Potential Gameplay Sequences
A world at war; a cruelty that only civilization can deliver unto itself.
Six empires burn through borders and reopen old wounds
all while vying for control of the war-torn planet of Astraea.
Bird's eye view of the world and battlefields
Command legions of soldiers across immense battlefields
Manage resources to develop your empire and improve your armies
Seamlessly issue commands in battle through simple key strokes
Use culture-specific tactics to outsmart your enemies and turn the tide of war
Enter 3rd person perspective during battles by taking control of units on the battlefield
Gain experience points from enemy deaths and destruction of enemy compounds
Talent trees for each empire's city and military help to enhance your own military prowess and battle strategy
Resource Management
From the team that brought you
Team Eclipse Presents
Dark Side: Requiem
Vesros Kingdom
- Abyssalian capital, alien and foreboding
The Volsta Temples
- Rarrissi capital, Spiritual in times of peace, devastating in times of war
Dark Side: Requiem
is a RTT style video game that is suitable for all players ages 13+
So choose your empire, and your path
Credit Due
Defeating enemies on the battlefield or destroying enemy city fortifications will grant Experience Points to help Level Up the empire
Each level earned by EXP or an accumulated amount of Sidera Stones will grant the player the ability to upgrade their city or military units
Dark Side: Requiem
will primarily run on Windows and Mac operating systems
It can also be adapted to run on Apple's iOS and Google's Android mobile operating systems.
Mobile Systems
DLC Potential
Enriching gameplay with expansive lore leads the way for:
New Empires and Classes
System Mechanics
Epic Locales
Expansive Talent Trees
and New Modes of Multiplayer Combat
Prepare for War!
- Avian race, devout and steady in battle
Only a resolution to the conflict will bring balance back to Astraea
Two such empires fighting for control are the Abyssalian and Rarrissi
The stones are fought over every 50 years when the planet's inner core expels them up through the crust in multiple locations.
Every empire honors and respects various roles in battle, yet there is always one class of soldier held in higher esteem above all others.
Ranged Classes
- Adept in mystical abilities like being able to replicate themselves on the battlefield, supporting allies with barrier fields, and dealing damage with a slew of menacing abilities.

Players also have the option to play with the

Melee Classes
- Individual warriors that are highly skilled and rely on the ability to get in close to severely damage enemy troops. They have the ability to protect allies with barriers and increase morale as well

Players also have the option to play as a

- Ethereal beings that embody the void
The source of the conflict, the Sidera Stones, are known to allow an empire the ability to terra-form the land as they see fit, as well as act as a valuable resource for the city.
The six empires of this planet have all built their cities around such a node so they can collect these powerful stones and be ready for the war that lays ahead.
The fires of war threaten to consume all that stands before it, so the many environments of Astraea serve as battlefields on which to declare a victor and quench the thirst of war.
These battlefield locations are either left as scorched, barren wastelands, or terra-formed by those who would lay claim to the land and call it theirs.
Due to the ever changing terrain the planet's surface stays in a constant state of flux and turmoil.
Vesros Sea -
Mysterious yet dangerous
Volsta Mountains
- Serene yet deadly
Will you stand back and issue orders from a distance?
Or will you lead your empire from the frontlines, standing shoulder to shoulder with your brothers and sisters in defiance of death itself?
And if you win glory in battle, how will you strengthen your home and your people?
Great empires and warriors cannot rely on only a few prized tactics, but must be willing to advance their skill and knowledge of both themselves and of those they lead
Lead your empire to victory, lest it fall to Death's cold embrace
Feels like you're never playing alone
This game boasts some of the most realistic AI, ranging from
Highly intelligent teammates
to Extremely reactive and spontaneous enemies

The AI continuously adapts to the changes within the match, think '
I, Robot'
User Generated Content
So much of the game is spent changing or terraforming the land itself that we feel players would revel in the opportunity to modify and expand upon empires, classes, or abilities themselves. Games like TESV: Skyrim have shown that user-created content can greatly extend a game's lifetime.
Seamlessly switch from the tactical map...
to organizing your troops and issuing orders from a Bird's eye view...
to leading your troops from the frontlines and taking the battle to your enemies in 3rd person game play
and back again all with a few button presses!
Resource Management
Sidera Stones are passively generated through the empire's city or control nodes. These lead to the creation of new structures, or the ability to terra-form the land as they see fit. Defend them at all costs!
Time will dictate how troops are produced. Each type of class will take different amounts of time, but can be queued up to a max of five class units if the empire has enough Sidera Stones.
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