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Mufasa and Scar

No description

Danna Underwood

on 13 December 2012

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Transcript of Mufasa and Scar

Mufasa & Scar by Danna, Jarrett, Cassie, and Drew Consequences Background Information Mufasa, king of the Pride Lands, has a son named Simba. Simba is destined to inherit the throne when his father dies. Scar devises a plan to kill both Simba and Mufasa. by causing stampede through the Canyon, and personally ensuring Mufasa's death. Simba, still a young cub, is convinced by Scar that his father's death is his own fault and runs away, leaving the throne to Scar. Brutus Motivation Scar 1. In becoming King, Scar ruins the Pride Lands Brutus'
Motivation 1. Brutus becomes engaged in a bloody war with Antony. 2. Some of Brutus's closest allies were killed because of this battle. 3. Brutus kills himself after the battle of Philippi 2. The Hyenas, Scar's "alllies", turn on him. 3. In the end, Simba kills Scar and avenges his father Brutus' Motivation Brutus' motivation was noble because he truly thought killing Caesar was for the good of Rome. Brutus, along with all of the conspirators, felt that Caesar was becoming too ambitious and needed to be stopped. He killed Caesar because he did not want the Roman people to become "slaves of Caesar". Scar's
Motivation Scar wanted to be the king, but Mufasa, his brother, was the king.

Scar wanted to be loved and respected like his brother.

The thought of absolute power motivated him. Proof of
Theme POWER Why is Reading
Julius Caesar Important Today? Caesar gained power by killing Pompey.
The conspirators killed Caesar out of fear of him gaining too much power.
Caesar was so powerful that his assassination resulted in a Civil war. Scar Reading the Tragedy of Julius Caesar sparks the question of '"what makes a quality leader?". Caesar and Brutus are both examined as leaders allowing readers/students to become aware of the pressure and scrutiny today's leaders go through. Even though the play was written a very long time ago, students today can relate because of the betrayal of Brutus.

Though more complex, it can be reduced into teenager situations, making this story of betrayal just as compelling today as it was back then. Julius Caesar was written by one of the most famous writers of all time, William Shakespeare. By reading this play, readers get an insight of the issues of long long ago. Reading Shakespeare is an adventure in itself. Scar killed his own brother in order to obtain power Scar manipulated Simba in an attempt to get rid of Mufasa. Scar knew Simba would cause a stampede causing Mufasa to rescue him. Scar pins Mufasa's death on Simba to make him run away from Pride Rock. With Simba and Mufasa gone, Scar is now next-in-line and therefore he is now the king.
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