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Soft Drinks Tax

No description

Alexandra Smith

on 3 April 2013

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Transcript of Soft Drinks Tax

How Nielsen Services can help? sOFT DRINKS TAX SOFT DRINKS TAX Link All Services Together The Government are Piloting a Soft Drinks Tax of 20p on all Sugary Soft Drinks, as a way to try to combat obesity - and this will effect Ribena and Lucozade, so GSK need to know what the consumers think Lucozade is high in sugar, and governement is trying to push no added sugar.
GSK could consider producing a product that is diet energy.

Ribena does have no added sugar versions, but the original going up in price may have a negative effect. HOW WILL THIS AFFECT GSK? How this can Help Smart Phone Shopper Bases

Smart Phone Shopper


Online Panel

Look to Social Media ISSUE Healthy Food and Weight Consumer Research Focus Group with people who buy soft drinks, and discuss their feelings with open questions regarding the price increase of fizzy drinks Find out Reasons why people would still buy, and inquire as
to how much the price could increase For those who say they would stop buying if prices went up
find out the specific reasons, eg they have a lower income, they dont
want to pay more tax People who like no added sugar, ask them why, and see why they like this compared to drinks with sugar in them Context Not just Soft drinks - ban on advertising high sugar products before 9pm

No high sugar Soft drinks in vending machines (especially Schools and Hospitals)
Figure of obesity is predicted to double by 2050, and soft drinks are commented to be causing part of this obesity 25% of UK are now Obese Why is the tax being introduced?
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